Why Study the Level 7 Diploma in Cloud Management?

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Why Study the Level 7 Diploma in Cloud Management?

As New Zealand’s premier computer training company, it is our duty to make sure our students have the best experience that they can with us and are as employable as possible when they graduate. Currently our highest level certificate is our Diploma in Cloud Management which is an NZQA level 7 qualification. Mike Birmingham, our trainer in this course, has a wealth of knowledge and industry experience which he puts to great effect in helping to create positive outcomes for our graduates.

The reason that our current highest level of qualification is in cloud computing is fairly straightforward. We pay very close attention to the direction that the industry is headed. Everything right now indicates that cloud computing is not only here to stay but that it’s going to keep growing. In essence what we’re doing with it is future-proofing our students. On course the learning is intensive and modules are designed to give graduates a functional knowledge base for when they graduate.

Topics covered include public cloud provisioning with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, application virtualisation with Citrix and private cloud service management. Learning includes cloud privacy solutions such as data protection, automation, management and monitoring. These along with Microsoft Sharepoint, Office 365 along with other Microsoft based services they will find when they arrive in the workplace.

IT is an ever changing industry so we give our students the tools they will need to continue learning when they enter the workplace. Mike mixes his instruction with course modules in a teaching style that allows students both to learn from him and to discover things for themselves. Student Adrian Pinny describes it as having “a lot of creative freedom and everyone working together.”. A mix of individual and collaborative work is encouraged to emulate what students will experience when they find employment.

Speaking with the students gives a very definite sense of the value that they see in the course. While all of our courses are valuable in terms of finding employment in IT, level 7 can be a deciding factor in where you start and how you advance. In the words of Brad Hope-Pearson “If you’re looking to really make a career out of IT then I would recommend level 7.”. Each of the students we spoke to has high aspirations for their career, aiming for upper management or running their own business.

If each of them keeps working the way they do on course there’s no reason why each of them won’t meet and even exceed their career goals. Cloud computing is an ever growing part of the IT industry. Everything from individual cloud services through to large scale corporate bodies are using cloud technology for their computing needs. IT is a growth industry and cloud computing is a rapidly developing area of IT. Anybody serious about building a lasting IT career would do well to use the cloud computing diploma as part of their foundation.

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Should other students study level 7 and why?

“Yes depending on how far you want to go with IT. If you’re looking to really make a career out of IT then I would recommend level 7” – Brad Hope-Pearson

“Everyone looking for Techtorium students is looking for level 7 students before they look at everyone else.” – Jarryd Thysse

What have you enjoyed most about Techtorium?

“The people. Everyone’s friendly and cooperative. People want to work together and strive for the best. You’re liable to make plenty of friends.”- Adrian Pinny

“You’re not in for the whole day which helps if you have a part time job. Also the open spaces and modern learning environment.” – Jarryd Thysse

What is your favourite thing about level 7?

“The adobe class. You get to study from home which can mean less disturbance and you can work in your own environment.” – Sharath Babu Mr

“A lot of creative freedom and everyone working together. You’re not working to a set of instructions. You help each other to get to where you need to get.” – Adrian Pinny





What can Techtorium offer?

A job is great, a career is even better:

As great as our trainers are, we can’t overstate the value of experience. This is why we design our modules to be engaged with and experienced as you learn. At a year in length this is a great place for students coming from our level 6 Systems Administrator Diploma course or an equivalent qualification to really lay the groundwork for an amazing IT career.

The Industry Pathways team.

The Industry Pathway team will be there from day one to support you during your studies, from a variety of workshops, inviting industry partners to connect with. Even providing the opportunity for a part-time role in IT while you study to really dive straight into your IT career. Upon graduation, the Employment Pathway team and their extensive network of employer partners will assist you to make sure you secure your first full time IT role!

When can you start?

Computer Engineering courses offer 4 intakes a year in February, April, July and October:


Software Development courses offer 1 intake a year in February