Need to Know

Before you start at Techtorium

Before you begin your studies at Techtorium, there are a few things you need to know. From what device you must bring on your first day, right through to what you need to do regarding student loans and allowances, we’ll help you along the way to ensure you hit the ground running on your first day.

You will need to come to Techtorium before the Term or Semester begins to go through an induction so you can be fully prepared and settled into your new environment.

Here you’ll find all the information you need!

Fees Free: 

The Government and Ministry of Education have announced:

From 1 January 2018, one year tertiary education will be fees free for eligible first time tertiary students:

  • People who are citizens, or a resident in NZ for at least 3 years, or refugees and;
  • Have been enrolled at school in 2017 or 2018 or have not undertaken previous full-time tertiary study of more than half a year, except while they were at school.

Techtorium offers Diplomas that are all NZQA approved and all have a minimum of 120 credits.

Check if you are eligible for your first year of Fees-Free tertiary education here:

If you are eligible for Fees-Free, your tuition cost is taken care of and you won’t need to apply for a student loan for it.
The only cost remaining will be the Techtorium course-related cost which you can either pay yourself or apply for a loan.

1. Have you signed & returned your Public Trust agreement?

The New Zealand Government requires all Private Training Establishments (including Techtorium NZIIT) registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), to have some form of protection for fees paid to them in advance. These requirements are outlined in the NZQA policy. ‘Fee Protect’ is a student fee trust account which ensures you receive a refund of the fees (or portion of fees) you pay to a training provider if the provider is unable to complete the course, for example due to closure, insolvency or loss of NZQA accreditation.


Student fees include:

  • Course tuition costs
  • Accommodation costs
  • Living expenses
  • Travel and health insurance premiums, if arranged through your training provider.

Fee Protect means the last thing you will need to worry about is what happens to your fees.

If you require a Public Trust form, you will need to contact Techtorium to have a form created for you. Please call Student Services on 0800 529 7523

2. Have you signed & returned your Techtorium contract?

It is important that your sign and send you Techtorium contract back to us so we can finalise you application. Please email poonam.deo@techtorium.ac.nz if you require further information.

3. Have you provided evidence of New Zealand residency?

You must submit hard copies of supporting documents with your Techtorium application. If you apply online you will need to send these documents to us as soon as possible after completing your online application. If you apply on a paper application form, send the documents in with your application form.

Please provide a hard copy of the following documents to Techtorium. Do not send originals, send a legally certified photocopy. Find out how to certify your documents below.


1. Eligibility to study as a domestic student


You are eligible to study at Techtorium as a domestic student if you are:

  • A New Zealand citizen or holder of a residence class visa
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • A holder of a birth certificate with place of birth stated as Cook Islands, Niue or Tokelau
  • Applying under refugee status

In order to prove your eligibility to study at Techtorium, we require certain documentation by law. This is very important and must be done in order to process your application. You will need to supply a certified copy, not an original, of one of the following documents:


New Zealand citizen


  • New Zealand birth certificate.
  • New Zealand passport.
  • Certificate of New Zealand citizenship or letter of confirmation.
  • A statement of Whakapapa, stating your full name, date of birth and countersigned by a Kaumātua or notable member of the Māori community. Note: this form of evidence is acceptable only when an applicant cannot obtain a birth certificate. Both the applicant and a Kaumātua must sign the Whakapapa as evidence of identity and citizenship.
  • Birth certificate with place of birth stated as Cook Islands, Niue or Tokelau.


Holder of a New Zealand residence class visa


  • Passport with a New Zealand permanent resident visa or resident visa. You will also need to write your country of citizenship in the space provided.

Australian citizen or permanent resident

  • Australian birth certificate.
  • Australian passport.
  • Passport with an Australian permanent residence stamp.


Refugee status


  • Document from New Zealand Immigration Service as evidence of your application for refugee status. Please note: if you are applying under refugee status, you are only eligible to apply for English language courses.

4. Have you applied for a Student Loan via StudyLink?

If you require a student loan, you will need to apply for a loan at StudyLink.
Techtorium NZIIT is an NZQA approved and accredited provider, you may be eligible to apply for a student loan and/or a student allowance. The loan scheme is administered by the Ministry of Social Development and is structured in three parts:

Compulsory Fees: Pays the full compulsory tuition fees for your qualification if you are not eligible for Fees Free.

Course-related cost: Pays up to a maximum of $1000

Living costs: Pays up to a maximum of $231.92 per week.

*You start paying back your StudyLink Loan once you earn over $374/week before taxes


StudyLink Allowance: StudyLink has an Eligibility test will inform you on what you can have access to. You don’t need to pay back Allowance.

For enquiries: www.studylink.govt.nz or call 0800 88 99 00


StudyLink is encouraging students to apply by 16 December and to provide their supporting documents promptly to ensure their applications are sorted for the start of the 2019 academic year.Further information will be made available as soon as possible through Studylink”

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

As a Techtorium student, you will be required to bring your own laptop to class.  You may discuss the specifications of your laptop with us on your first day at Techtorium. Here are some technical specifications:

  • Laptop Specifications

    • Processor: minimum i5  / recommended i7 dual core or higher
    • RAM: minimum 8GB / recommended 16GB
    • Hard drive: minimum 500 GB HDD / recommended 500 GB SSD
    • MUST ENABLE Virtualisation VT-X

  • Level 5 NZ Diploma Information Technology Technical Support

  • NZD$9,335.002018
  • + $350.00 Course Related Costs
    *Pricing Per Year

    TERMS & DATES 2018:

    Term 1: 5th February (IT Systems & Problem Solving)
    Term 2: 30th April (Networking Concepts)
    Term 3: 23rd July (IT Desktop Support)
    Term 4: 15th October (Software Development)

    • Level 5 New Zealand Diploma
    • 1 Year (4 Terms)
    • 120 Credits
    • NZQA Approved
    • Newmarket Campus


  • Level 6 NZ Diploma Systems Adminstration

  • NZD$9,335.002018
  • + $350.00 Course Related Costs
    *Pricing Per Year

    TERMS & DATES 2018:

    Term 1: 5th February (Desktop & Server Deployment)
    Term 2: 30th April (Server Setup & Configuration)
    Term 3: 23rd July (Active Directory Management)
    Term 4: 15th October (Advanced Server Management)

    • Level 6 New Zealand Diploma
    • 1 Year (4 Terms)
    • 120 Credits
    • NZQA Approved
    • Newmarket Campus

    This course leads into the LEVEL 7 DIPLOMA IN CLOUD MANAGEMENT

  • Level 7 Diploma in Cloud Management

  • NZD$10,000.002018
  • The are no Course Related Costs
    *Pricing Per Year

    TERMS & DATES 2018:

    Term 1: 5th February (Enterprise Server Infrastructure)
    Term 2: 30th April (Private Cloud & Deployment)
    Term 3: 23rd July (Microsoft Exchange)
    Term 4: 15th October (Cloud Services, Project management)

    • Level 7 New Zealand Diploma
    • 1 Year (4 Terms)
    • 120 Credits
    • NZQA Approved
    • Newmarket Campus

    This course leads into a role a entry level Cloud Engineer

  • Level 6 NZ Diploma in Software Development

  • NZD$9,335.002018
  • + $350.00 Course Related Costs
    *Pricing Per Year

    TERMS & DATES 2018/2019:

    Semester 1: 5th February (Application Design & Development)
    Semester 2: 23rd July (Software Testing)
    Semester 3: 4th February (Enterprise Software Development)
    Semester 4: 22nd July (Project Management)

    • Level 6 New Zealand Diploma
    • 2 Years (4 Semesters)
    • 240 Credits
    • NZQA Approved
    • Newmarket Campus

    This course leads into entry level Software Developer roles