Employment Pathways

Delivering Skills for Industry and Linking Our Learners to Employers

IT Education is continually challenged to meet the needs of New Zealand and the global IT industry.

Since 2004 Techtorium NZIIT has continued to respond to the needs of the IT industry and stakeholders by expanding our course provision to better prepare our learners for full-time employment in the industry. This is what we call Employment Pathways.

As one of the fastest growing and the highest performing IT institutes in New Zealand, our flexible approach continues to see the organisation maintain a high percentage of (present and past) students full-time and part-time graduate roles. Our ongoing collaboration with the New Zealand IT industry guarantees that Techtorium students gain employment-centric and transferable skills, as well as gain vocational qualifications that remain relevant to the IT industry.

Vocational focus

We focus on vocational education to provide job related skills. It focuses on empowering students with real-world skills that help students move straight into employment. Students learn by doing. Our courses are practical and hands-on to make students employable.

A typical programme at Techtorium will be in an open-space room with a trainer introducing an IT topic followed by practical Labs. Once students understand the lesson they will get straight into practice! One hands-on lesson after another, they will soon be experienced IT students ready to become IT professionals.


Specialised in IT

At Techtorium, we only focus on training IT professionals. From Computer Engineers, Software Developers to Business Analysts.  Our trainers come from the industry and are constantly trained throughout the year to keep up with the latest IT trends and requirements.


Top quality training

We have an average of 1 trainer for 35 students, so we can make sure all our students are on top of their assignments and have an easy access to their trainer if they need assistance.
This also means we know all our students on a personal level. In collaboration with our Student Services, we can assess their communication and technical skills and match a student profile with a company profile.



Being a small tertiary provider, we can easily adapt the content of our courses to reflect the industry’s needs. We create new course strands to train the IT professionals required in NZ and we regularly update our courses with the latest software and server versions in use in the corporate world.


Soft Skills and Personal Development

Being highly technical isn’t the only criteria required to be a great IT professional. Great communication skills, critical thinking and the capacity to work collaboratively are the skills that will make the difference between IT job candidates. Students are encouraged to extend themselves via a range of supporting activities which include, work experience at employers, tutoring junior students, working at career fairs and working with our infrastructure team on our own network here at Techtorium. The Employment Pathways team also offers Employment Skills workshops where students will be prepared for interviews so they are fully ready to face their potential future employer.

This small team of Employment Pathways Managers is set out to:

  • Help graduates improve their marketability through CV Creation, Interview preparation and LinkedIn Profiles.
  • Help Employment Partners become more aware of Techtorium NZIIT graduates and build a better understanding of the fundamental skills they can bring to the industry.
  • Help drive engagement, and link the right graduates to the right employer, allowing for a more effective, efficient and robust employment pathways and sustainable employment
The purpose of Employment Pathways is to help drive awareness of Information technology as a career and to pathway learners from secondary school, right through to the best entry level jobs in the industry

If you have are an IT company looking for skilled entry-level candidate, get in touch with our Employment Pathways coordinators:


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