Diploma in IT Infrastructure
Level 6 Systems Administration Diploma


For those that want to take their IT career to the next level Techtorium offers the NZ Diploma in IT Infrastructure, a course designed to provide you with a deep understanding of cloud infrastructure management and security.


The course covers a broad range of topics, starting with virtualization technologies such as Hyper-V and cloud infrastructure services provided by Azure IAAS and AWS IAAS, along with virtual machine infrastructure management.  You will learn how to secure cloud infrastructure and identity management with Azure and AWS, implement cloud computing and project management solutions with Microsoft 365, deploy Windows device and management solutions for enterprise-level environments, and configure network security, firewall settings, and perform penetration testing using Azure.


This course normally requires you to have completed the New Zealand Diploma in Information Technology Technical Support (ITTS) Level 5 to be eligible for this course. Previous work or study experience may be considered. The New Zealand Diploma IN it IT Infrastructure (Level 6) leads directly to the third year of studying towards a Techtorium Diploma in Cloud Management (Level 7).

What is a Systems Administrator?

A systems administrator: plans the implementation of networks and associated server hardware; installs and supports operating systems; makes sure that storage, archiving and recovery procedures are functioning correctly. They can also train people to use the organisation’s computer infrastructure and organise external training programmes, particularly for new software.


A Systems Administrator tends to be an objective thinker who prioritises accuracy and results. They will likely pay attention to small details and take a systematic approach to solving problems.

For those who are serious about their IT career, we’ve designed the Level 6 Diploma in IT Infrastructure. These learners are among our best and can typically slide into any organisation, right away. Ideal for anyone wanting to become a Network Architect.
There are no mandatory prerequisites for this qualification; however, learners enrolling are recommended to hold one of the following qualifications:
  • New Zealand Diploma of Information Technology Technical Support (Level 5)
  • Equivalent knowledge, skills and experience.
  • International students must have an appropriate level of English proficiency for the level at which they intend to study – IELTS Academic score of 6, with no band score lower than 5.5
  • Age: Applicants must be 18 years or older.
Educational Pathways
This qualification provides a pathway to further specialisation through industry-specific training, for example, IT Security. At Techtorium, this qualification leads you to Level 7 Cloud Management. This qualification provides an education pathway from:
    • New Zealand Diploma in Information Technology Technical Support (Level 5)
Industry Pathways
We have a team of Industry Pathways Managers whose primary role is to bridge the gap between our New Zealand Diploma in Information Technology and the IT industry. For our Level 6 graduates, gaining employment as an entry-level engineer is paramount. We pride ourselves on having the best connections in the industry and being able to provide the industry with technically sound, hard-working, and certified graduates. Here are just a few of the roles you could gain:
    • Network Administrator
    • It Systems Engineer
    • Systems Administrator
    • Network and Systems Engineer
During this one year New Zealand diploma course you will cover:

Term 1:
  • Plan and implement automated system and application software deployment to support efficient organisational operations.
  • Plan, implement, and manage a directory service to meet organisational requirements.
  • Manage and administer a messaging and collaboration service to meet organisational requirements.
  • Apply IT service management and change management processes and procedures to comply with organisational requirements.

Term 2:
  • Analyse a range of options and implement a solution to meet organisations data storage requirements.
  • Implement a server-based virtualisation infrastructure to support organisational requirements.
  • Apply communication, information design, personal, and interpersonal skills, clearly and professionally to enhance working effectiveness, efficiency, and quality outcomes in an organisational environment.

Term 3:
  • Implement a range of technologies for systems and network services to meet organisational requirements.
  • Analyse organisational requirements, implement a solution, and administer infrastructure for remote network access.
  • Write scripts to automate standard system procedures.

Term 4:
  • Plan, implement, and manage a directory service to meet organisational requirements.
  • Behave with integrity as a responsible Information Technology professional to contribute positively to society.
  • Apply project management tools and techniques to an IT related project to analyze and solve problems

Level: 6

Credits: 120

Duration: 1 Year (4 Terms)

NZQA Approved: Yes (List)

IT Pathway: Computer / Cloud Engineering

Study Options: Onsite, 5 Days (AM or PM)

Campus: Newmarket, Auckland

Domestic Pricing:

  • $9,848.59

International Pricing:

  • $17,000.00
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