Student Services


On your first day at Techtorium, you will attend an orientation which will guide you through your new environment, introduce you to Techtorium staff and to all the student services available for you.  At Techtorium, we want all our students to be successful and achieve their best.

Student Administration


  • Support students by ensuring they have the administrative information they need
  •  Maintain up to date, accurate information regarding all aspects of student engagement including attendance, pastoral notes, processing assessment results, creating transcripts etc
  • Ensure the college meets its statutory obligations to the various external agencies

Student Support


  • Open door policy for anyone who needs someone to talk to
  • Support students with a disability or health matters
  • Refer students to necessary outside agencies
  • Support International and Domestic out of town students with settling into life in Auckland and offering support to all students with issues regarding accommodation, bank accounts, driver’s licenses, attendance and other personal issues that may arise

Student Rep Meeting


  • These meetings provide a forum for students and Techtorium management to share ideas they may have
  • A student from each class represents their peers and takes turns leading the meetings
  • Students’ initiatives include the organisation of end-of-term celebrations and other student activities

Academic Delivery Team


  • First contact with students on a daily basis to discuss any small issues that may arise and keep in touch regarding their attendance or any other issues that may affect their learning
  • We use the VARK guide to learning style which assess if the student is a visual, aural, reading or kinesthetic type of learner.
  •  When a student is falling behind in their assessments or class work, Techtorium will set a RAP – Remedial
    Action Plan. Both the student and the trainer will agree on milestones to achieve in order to catch up with
    any outstanding work. The student will receive one-on-one trainer assistance outside of class time. When
    required, collaboration with Student Engagement can be arranged to assist the student in achieving
    academic requirements