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Creating IT professionals through excellence in education.

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NZQA Category 1 Provider

Since 2004, Techtorium (with the help of our industry partners) has inspired kiwis to join the ICT industry, and for this reason, we have gained the Category 1 Provider status in recognition of our successful course completions. Our new open-plan floor layout allows our students to grow in a modern and ‘free’ learning environment that promotes critical thinking for advanced learning. What’s more, each of our students are carefully monitored by our industry trainers to ensure consistent learning outcomes across the level as well as leading those student into appropriate roles in the industry. Our team of Industry Pathways Managers are the students “walking CV’s” and are working closely with some of New Zealand’s most innovative IT companies to ensure Techtorium students are first in cue for entry-level roles.

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As a NZQA Category 1 training provider, we’re recognised as being the best in the business.

Message from the Managing Director:

Deciding on what direction to guide your career is both exciting and challenging. We spend a lot of time at work in our lifetimes – so it’s important for you to make well informed decisions about how to spend your time and money in this phase of your career as a student. Tertiary education is an investment, not only for yourself, but for your family. It is an investment that will allow you to grow you as a person and change the way you think. It is an investment that will present opportunities to you for the rest of your working career.

Globally, the Information Technology industry is expanding so rapidly that it is becoming increasingly difficult for IT employers to find appropriately trained employees to fill the demand – from entry level through to IT Architect roles. This is also the case in New Zealand.

For more than 10 years Techtorium has challenged the way people learn about the digital landscape. In collaboration with our industry advisory group, my team of industry experienced trainers and I have designed practical computer engineering, networking and server courses that offer students a clear pathway into the industry.

Techtorium graduates have a critical understanding of IT and only receive their diploma when I am fully satisfied that they have the skills and attributes to hit the ground running in their first positions in this exciting industry.

For those of you who have enrolled at Techtorium; I would like to welcome you to the first step in your IT career and wish you all the best for you studies. We are behind you all the way so know that your success is our success. For those who are considering a tertiary education at Techtorium, this prospectus should serve as a guide, assisting you in making the right career decision about where, what, and how to focus your career in this exciting industry.

Patrick Dowling
Managing Director 


Creating IT Professionals through excellence in education

97% Into employment or Further Education

Here at Techtorium, we’ve focused on getting grads’ jobs and . You’ll have access to a small team of Industry Pathways Managers who will help put your CV at the top of the list.

98% Course Completion

We have one of the highest course completion rates as measured by the Tertiary Education Commission. What does this mean? Well, the chances of you actually getting to the end of the course are nearly 100%.


Every 4 years the NZQA places a measure on how good we are. Since 2011, we’ve been awarded Category 1 status, which means we’re the highest performing provider in NZ.

The best trainers in NZ

We’ve worked hard to offer a complete product to our learners, and that’s why we have the best IT / Compute trainers in New Zealand.

Our industry reputation

In ICT, reputation is everything. Our Employment Partners trust the skills, knowledge, and motivation that comes with every Techtorium graduate.

innovative learning environment

Modern learning initiates critical thinking. It helps the trainers deliver meaningful information across larger groups whilst still maintaining a high quality of understanding whilst reflecting what is actually happening within the New Zealand IT industry.



Patrick comes from an extensive career in IT. Having worked for some of New Zealand’s leading companies including Telecom/Spark, GENi, and Air New Zealand – Patrick brings a wealth of real-world experience.

Patrick Dowling

Managing Director
Jan Hutchinson – CEO

As CEO Jan is part of the strategic planning team and is primarily responsible for the statutory and operational aspects of Techtorium.

Jan Hutchinson

Chief Executive

Rohan is our appointed Curriculum Architect responsible for working with and guiding trainers at all levels as well as writing and updating Techtorium programmes of study in line with industry requirements.

Rohan Sood

Curriculum Architect
Sam Hutchinson

Sam looks after both the Marketing and Employment Pathways department providing smooth transitions in and out of Techtorium for our students.

Sam H

Director of Marketing & Pathways

Flaui liaises with the Academic team to provide support to our students.


General Manager, Operations
Alice – Techtorium


Executive Assistant to CEO
Eli – Head of Student Engagement

Eli oversees the academic achievement of our students and drives student engagement.


Head of Student Engagement
Phill – Techtorium

Phil is growing our partnerships with the secondary schools to pathway students into Tertiary. He also works closely with the IT industry to transition our graduates into employment.


Head of Pathways

Poonam is responsible for managing student services, enrolment processing and record management. She works closely with the trainers to keep an eye on student attendance.


Head of Student Services
Sonjah – Learning and Development Coordinator


Learning & Development Manager

Mike worked for SKY television, Health Alliance, Dimension Data, Air NZ, and TVNZ. He is our Cloud specialist. He is training the Level 7 Cloud Management students.


L7 Programme Leader Trainer

Lyall is a Level 6 trainer. His passion is to teach IT and to ignite that same passion to his students.

Lyall J

Programme Leader L6 Computer Engineering

Dick teaches the Level 6 Computer Engineering Diploma. Dick loves working in IT, building networks and making IT happen.


L6 Computer Engineering Trainer

Marius brings with him over 20 years of experience to teach Level 5 Information Technology Technical Support students.


Programme Leader L5 Engineering

Sam is a trainer for our Level 5 Computer Engineering students. His sense of humour and professionalism keeps our students engaged.

Sam R

L5 Computer Engineering Trainer

Masoud trains our Software Development students especially about Python. Masoud also leads the TechTalk monthly events


Software Development Programme Advisor


Software Development Trainer


Software Development Trainer

Danielle teaches students coming from Secondary schools for our short-courses. She loves our modern learning environment and watching our students evolve and succeed in IT


Programme Lead for Secondary

Navpreet B

Student Administrator
Angela – Student Administrator

As a Student Administrator, we ensure our students are well equipped before they start their course.


Student Administrator

Penny works part-time and supports the Administration team.


Student Administrator

Passionate about creating opportunities which ensure the young people of Aotearoa are future ready. Victoria loves new and emerging technologies, especially those influencing Education and IT.


Secondary Pathways Manager


Marketing Executive


Marketing Executive
Garth – Techtorium


Marketing & Pathways Assistant

Ensures the accurate and timely processing and reporting of all financial transactions and budgets as well as general administrative support.



Frances works in the Compliance office checking the Academic information of our students are 100% correct and compliant with the NZQA requirements. Previously, Frances worked for Massey High School for 14 years in the Bursars/Accounts Office.

Employee Services Administrator

Compliance Administrator
Doris – Operations Administrator


Operations Administrator

Damon always has a laptop in his hands, he lives and breathes technology. Absolute expert in fixing hardware, configuring networks and setting up cloud solutions.


Systems Administrator
Benedict – System Administration


Systems Administrator
Aidan – Software Developer

Aidan recently graduated from our Level 6 Software Development Diploma and joined Techtorium to help developing in-house software.


Systems Administrator


Data Manager