Where is Techtorium located?

Level 3, 182 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland – Just a stone’s throw from the Newmarket Train station.

(Above Route 66, across the road from Rialto)

Can I get my 1st year of study for free?

Yes if you are eligible.
Techtorium offers Diplomas that are all NZQA approved and all have a minimum of 120 credits.

Check if you are eligible for your first year of Fees-Free tertiary education here: https://www.feesfree.govt.nz/

For more details, read our post here
or  feel free to contact us on 0800 529 7523

Can I get a student loan from Studylink for this course?

Yes if you are NZ citizen or permanent resident. All of our computer courses have been approved and accredited by the NZQA and the TEC which means that all students are able to apply for a student loan (and allowance) from Studylink. For more information, please go to https://www.studylink.govt.nz/

How long is the course & when can I start?

Each of our Computer Engineering Diplomas is split into 4 terms. Students can start at any one of the four terms. For instance, a student that starts in term 1 will complete the course in term 4. A student that starts the course in term 3 will complete the course in term 2 of the following year. This is an opportunity for a student to start their studies at Techtorium at any point in the year.

Overall, computer engineering students must complete 4 terms (1 year) to achieve each of the individual diplomas which equates to 120 credits.

Alternatively, the Techtorium Computer Programming Diploma (NZ Diploma in Software Development) is split into Semesters. Our entry Level 5 Diploma in Information Systems is one year long and leads directly to the second year of the Level 6 NZ Diploma in Software Development.


  1. All Techtorium Diplomas are one year long.
  2. You can start in any one of the four terms of the Diploma for Computer Engineering. Computer Programming intakes are at the beginning and middle of the year.
  3. You will need to complete all four terms (Computer Engineering) or all 2 Semesters (Computer Programming) to achieve the qualification
What is the difference between Techtorium and a University?

There are a number of ways that Techtorium differs from University.

Practical – We’re not going to ask our graduates to write an essay on TCP/IP or the implications of hard-drive maintenance, we’re going to teach you to do it. Our courses are designed to give you the right skills to gain employment as an entry-level computer engineer or software developer. That’s why so many companies rely on Techtorium to provide them with the best entry-level graduates that have the willingness and motivation to work their way up the career ladder.

Vocational – We have a team dedicated to helping our graduates gain employment. Through the Employment Pathways initiative, we’ve designed a recipe for getting jobs.

Focus – We know information technology and focus on information technology. It’s what we are the best at, so we don’t dilute any of our courses offerings with anything BUT information technology. Hardware/Networking/Software/Security – that’s what matters to us.

Teaching style – Its all about innovative learning. Don’t expect to sit in a lecture with 200 other students listening to a lecturer (attempting to take notes). Class sizes are smaller and channeled towards individual learning. Our classes replicate that of a modern business environment.

Industry relationships – We’re a Microsoft Academy and a CompTIA Academy.

Exit points – Students do not need to dedicate to 3 years of full-time study; rather, each of our Diploma courses has an exit point upon completion (should you want to get straight into work)

What subjects should I be taking at secondary school?
  • NCEA L1 & 2 English & Maths
  • Digital Technologies
  • Passion and interest for Technology and Computers
Software Development or Computer Engineering?

If you like numbers, are focused and enjoy problem solving, we suggest Software Development!

If you are ‘hands on’ and like working with people, we suggest Computer Engineering!

Pricing - How much are Techtorium Diplomas?

The course fees are fixed for 2020. 90% of our students will arrange a student loan from Studylink to pay for this. We can help you arrange this if required.

LevelsCourse NameCost
Level 5NZ Diploma in Information Technology Technical Support$9,425.00
Level 5NZ Diploma in Information Systems$9,425.00
Level 6NZ Diploma in Systems Administration$9,425.00
Level 7Diploma in Cloud Management$10,000
Level 6NZ Diploma in Software Development (2nd year)$9,425.00


Check if you are eligible here

Will Techtorium assist in helping me gain work experience?

We have a team of Industry Pathways Managers whose primary role is to bridge the gap between our Graduates and the IT industry. We have a number of Employment Partners we work with that are seeking Techtorium graduates. These include:

  • Gorilla Technology
  • Vocus Group
  • Datacom
  • Optimus Systems
  • NewEra IT
  • Slingshot
  • Orcon
  • MyRepublic
  • Solutionists
  • Connectplay
  • Lexel
Term Dates

The term dates for 2022 are as follows.

Term DatesStart DateEnd Date
2022 Term 114 February 20226 April 2022
2022 Term 22 May 202229 June 2022
2022 Term 325 July 202221 September 2022
2022 Term 417 October 202214 December 2022
How do I apply to enrol?

Enrolment is easy. Go to APPLICATION, complete the online application form, and one of our Pathways Team will be in touch about the next step!

What IT Qualifications are available?