Level 3, 182 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland – Above Route 66, across the road from Rialto
If you are eligible, yes. Check if you are eligible for your first year of Fees-Free tertiary education here: You can also contact us via email at, or on 0800 529 7523 if you have any questions.
Payment options include student loans through StudyLink, you can find more information about StudyLink here If you prefer, you can also make an upfront payment for the year. If you have any uncertainties about these payment options and how you can access them, please contact us via email at, or 0800 529 7523
  • Each of our courses is 1-year long and are NZQA-approved diplomas.
  • For our computer engineering courses, you can start in January, April, July, or October.
  • For our software development courses, you can start in either January or July.
There are a number of ways that Techtorium differs from University.
  • Practical – We’re not going to ask our graduates to write an essay on TCP/IP or the implications of hard-drive maintenance, we’re going to teach you to do it. Our courses are designed to give you the right skills to gain employment as an entry-level computer engineer or software developer. That’s why so many companies rely on Techtorium to provide them with the best entry-level graduates that have the willingness and motivation to work their way up the career ladder.
  • Vocational – We have a team dedicated to helping our graduates gain employment. Through the Employment Pathways initiative, we’ve designed a recipe for getting jobs.
  • Focus – We know information technology and focus on information technology. It’s what we are the best at, so we don’t dilute any of our course offerings with anything BUT information technology. Hardware/Networking/Software/Security – that’s what matters to us.
  • Training style – It's all about innovative learning. Don’t expect to sit in a lecture with 200 other students listening to a lecturer (attempting to take notes). Class sizes are smaller and channeled toward individual learning. Our classes replicate that of a modern business environment.
  • Exit points – Students do not need to dedicate 3 years of full-time study; rather, each of our Diploma courses has an exit point upon completion (should you want to get straight into work).
  • If you are joining our Level 5 Information Technology Technical Support (ITTS) or Level Information Systems (IS) course, you are only required to be aged 17 and over for domestic students, or ages 18 and over for international students.
  • For our Level 6 Systems administration course, you must have completed the Level 5 ITTS here at Techtorium or an equivalent course, or have relevant work experience.
  • For our Level 6 Software Development course, you must have completed the Level 5 IS here at Techtorium or an equivalent course, or have relevant work experience.
  • For our Level 7 Cloud Management Systems administration course, you must have completed the Level 6 Systems administration here at Techtorium or an equivalent course, or have relevant work experience.
As long as you are 17 years old and have had a discussion with both your school and parents/guardians, you are eligible to join us on our full-time courses.
We look at cross credits and recognition of prior learning on a case-by-case basis. We will require transcripts or up-to-date CVs where it applies, and you will have an opportunity to talk to our trainers regarding your prior studies.
We do not require you to be taking any subjects during secondary school, but we recommend you could study both:
  • NCEA L1 & 2 English & Maths
  • Digital Technologies
We can also recommend one of our ICE & CODE short courses, which are run during the school holidays in April, July, and October.
  • If you are ‘hands-on’ and like working with people, we suggest Computer Engineering!
  • If you are numbers focused and enjoy problem-solving, we suggest Software Development!
  • Level 5 NZ Diploma in Information Technology Technical Support - $9,848.59
  • Level 5 NZ Diploma in Information Systems - $9,848.59
  • Level 6 NZ Diploma in Systems Administration - $9,848.59
  • Level 7 Diploma in Cloud Management - $10,170
  • Level 6 NZ Diploma in Software Development - $9,848.59
We have a team of Industry Pathways Managers whose primary role is to bridge the gap between our Graduates and the IT industry, we do this by providing CV workshops, External partner presentations, Internship opportunities, mock interviews, and job opportunities. Although available we do not guarantee this, students will be able to access the benefits of the Industry Pathways team if their AAAs are to a high standard of 7.5/10.
We have several Employment Partners we work with that are seeking Techtorium graduates. These include:
  • Vodafone
  • Westpac
  • Securecom
  • Datacom
  • NewEra IT
  • Fusion
  • PwC
  • Fletcher Building
  • Microsoft
The AAA's are a metric used here at Techtorium to track student performance while course, the AAA's stand for:
  • Attendance – you are required to attend at least 90% of your classes.
  • Achievement – Achieve all your classwork and coursework
  • Attitude – Have a positive can-do attitude and treat your study as if it was your job.
  • Classwork – 20H/Week which is trainer led in class onsite or via connected learning.
  • Coursework – 16H/Week which is assigned tasks from your trainer that is self-directed learning outside of class hours.
No. We only offer full-time study for all our Diplomas.
We offer a blended learning environment with most of our training happening on campus. Students will be expected to attend classes onsite at our campus a minimum of 3 days a week and learn from home 2 days a week according to class schedules. There is some variation between courses. We do not offer any of our courses fully online.
While there is no student-specific parking, Newmarket has a lot of parking options very near to Techtorium including several Wilson Parking. Newmarket is also a public transport hub with plenty of options for busses and a train station a short walk from our campus.
Our timetable consists of 4-hour blocks of class, 5 days a week. These run as either AM or PM sessions. Whether your own classes will take place in the mornings or afternoons, as well as which days will be online or onsite, will be confirmed close to each term’s starting date.
Enrolment is easy. Go to ENROL, complete the online application form, and one of our team will be in touch about the next step!