Level up your career: Choose IT

Level up your career: Choose IT

The IT industry is enduring a skill shortage not only in New Zealand but worldwide. The high demand for IT employees is driving the salaries rocket high and offering a lot of work benefits in order to attract and retain talents.

Killer facts about working in the IT industry:

  • The median salary in IT in Auckland is $87,500, it is $82,500 in Christchurch and $95,000 in Wellington in 2019
  • 41% of IT professionals have flexible working hours, 40% of them have a mobile phone and mobile allowance and 31% receive Healthcare. A total of 88% of IT professionals rate their workplace as a good place to work.
  • 80% of IT employers gave their IT staff a pay increase in 2018

A career in IT is your guarantee for a safe and comfortable lifestyle with high income and rapid progression and growth within the industry.

The technology itself is constantly evolving, meaning you are always learning and upskilling. This fast-paced sector will keep you busy and hungry for knowledge. Besides the technical skills, communication, critical thinking, and creativity are also key elements to becoming a successful IT professional. As a career changer, your background in different industries will complete your profile, giving this extra edge which is sought after.

Career Changer

What can Techtorium offer?

Work around your current job:

The financial commitments, such as rent or mortgage, will often refrain career changers from studying full-time, and studying after work hours can be hard to achieve, it isn’t providing the best conditions for you to learn efficiently and maintaining a good work-life balance with your family and friends.

To combine the best of both worlds, you could study part-time and keep working part-time! Techtorium offers our Computer Engineer and Software Development courses either in the morning 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, or in the afternoon, 1 pm – 5 pm, so you can fit your working schedule with your study time. No lectures at random hours of the day!

New skills, experience, and exit points:

To convert to a new career, you will need to gain new skills and the best way to do so is to learn and practice. Our courses allow you to work hands one from day one. Furthermore, each of our Diplomas is one year long, providing you with an exit point after each year complete, you can either stay for the full 3 years of the Computer Engineering Diplomas or just leave after 2 years.

The Employment Pathways team.

The Employment Pathway team will be there from day one to support you during their studies, from a variety of workshops, inviting industry partners to connect with, and even the opportunity to gain a part-time role in IT while you study if you really want to dive straight into your new IT career. Upon graduation, the Employment Pathway team and their extensive network of employer partners will assist you to make sure you secure your first full time IT role!

Suddenly, a career change and moving to a new industry doesn’t look that hard anymore.

When can you start?

Computer Engineering courses offer 4 intakes a year in February, April, July and October:


Software Development courses offer 1 intake a year in February




Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

Software Development

Software Development