Fees Free for new Techtorium students in 2018*!

Fees Free for new Techtorium students in 2018*!

Fees Free

From 1 January 2018, eligible students starting tertiary education in 2018 receive one year of full-time study fees-free.
Techtorium offers Diplomas that are all NZQA approved and all have a minimum of 120 credits:

Computer Engineering:

Computer Programming:


Am I eligible?

Are eligible:

  • People who are citizens, or a resident in NZ for at least 3 years, or refugees and;
  • Have been enrolled at school in 2017 or 2018 or have not undertaken previous full-time tertiary study of more than half a year, except while they were at school.

Check if you are eligible for your first year of Fees-Free tertiary education here: https://www.feesfree.govt.nz/


What’s included?

Tuition fees up to a limit of $12,000 and tertiary study at any level. The policy covers one year of tertiary study which is 1 EFTS = 120 credits.

If you’re eligible, you still need to apply for a Student Loan if you want to borrow the course-related costs or living costs components. Read more from Study Link website

My eligibility check says ‘yes’ – what do I do now?

Once your enrolment is confirmed you don’t need to do anything else. All Techtorium students who are enrolled and are eligible for fees-free study will receive a statement in late January showing that their fees have been paid, within the limits outlined at www.feesfree.govt.nz.


My eligibility check says ‘no’ – what do I do now?

Your eligibility check will return a ‘no’ if you fail to meet the criteria outlined above. If this is the case your studies at Techtorium will progress as normal.
First you apply online at http://techtorium.ac.nz/online-application/ and our Techtorium Academic Registrar will get in touch with you regarding the following steps of the enrolment process.


My eligibility check says I’m ‘uncertain’ – what do I do now?

If your eligibility check returns an ‘uncertain’ status, but you believe you meet the criteria outlined above, you can fill in a statutory declaration form at www.feesfree.govt.nz.

After completing the form online it will be emailed to you. You will need to print the form and sign it in front of a Justice of the Peace (JP). You can find your local JP here at www.justiceofthepeace.org.nz.



Ready to apply?

Become a Computer Engineer or Software Developer!
Our Employment Pathway team and Student Services will support you along the way

Start your online application to study at Techtorium here: http://techtorium.ac.nz/online-application/

Fees Free FAQ: www.feesfree.govt.nz/faqs/


If you need assistance with your application, please contact Poonam on 0800 529 7523