Employment Pathways

Delivering Skills for Industry and Linking Our Learners to Employers

IT Education is continually challenged to meet the needs of the New Zealand and global IT industries. Here at Techtorium NZIIT, we have addressed the shortages in skilled professionals entering the industry by expanding our course provision, and better preparing our student for fulltime employment in the industry – part of what we like to call Employment Pathways.

Since 2004, the philosophy behind Techtorium has remained the same – the IT industry needs graduates who have practical, hands-on knowledge. As one of the fastest growing and the highest performing PTEs in New Zealand, our flexible approach continues to see the organisation maintain a high percentage of (present and past) students into full-time and part-time graduate roles

Our continual collaboration with the New Zealand IT industry (DATACOM, NewEra IT, Dimension Data, Fujitsu, Slingshot and My Republic), guarantees that Techtorium NZIIT students obtain and develop transferable skills, as well as gain vocation-specific qualifications that remain relevant to the IT industry and the skill-needs of these organisations.

To help drive awareness of Information technology as a career and help pathway learners from secondary school, right through to the best entry level jobs in the industry


Here at Techtorium, our learners  are currently experiencing [comparatively] high employment rates . Our team of Employment Pathways Managers has recognised that gaining employment is a difficult tasks for young graduates. In 2013, Techtorium employed a Marketing and Pathways Manager. Their role was to bridge-the-gap between students and the industry. With improved dialog and communication between Techtorium NZIIT, learners, industry leaders and employers, this has seen an increase in the number of students employed as either computing technicians or Help-desk and technical support analysts.

This small team of Employment Pathways Managers set out to:

  • Help graduates improve their marketability. Students are given the tools necessary to ‘market’ themselves more effectively to the industry through CV Creation, Interview preparation, LinkedIn Profiles, and Video interviews.
  • Help Employment Partners become more aware of Techtorium NZIIT graduates and build a better understanding of the fundamental skills they can bring to the industry.
  • Help drive engagement, and link the right graduates to the right employer, allowing for a more effective, efficient and robust employment pathways and sustainable employment