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Welcome to the Techtorium Institute of Information Technology.

Techtorium is one of New Zealand’s leading Computer Training providers offering industry focused Computer Courses (IT Courses) designed to meet the needs of the New Zealand and Global IT sectors.

As an NZQA Category 1 provider, Techtorium proudly offers a series of unique and highly respected computer engineering diplomas that  follow a robust IT training programme, ensuring graduates can easily pathway from the Level 5 , Level 6 or Level 7  computer courses, right through to the most exciting and rewarding entry-level / graduate IT roles here in New Zealand.

Techtorium has delivered a range of computer training and IT training options for you to kick start your computer engineering career. Whether it is one of the NZQA approved computer courses (Level 5 Diploma in PC Support / Level 6 Diploma in Networking & Security / Level 7 Diploma in Cloud Management) or an internationally recognised IT certifications (Microsoft training, CompTIA training, HP Training), if it’s a career in information technology you are after, Techtorium is  a great place to start.

To find out more about what computer courses (IT courses), IT Qualifications, or computer training programmes are right for you, get in touch!

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We offer introductory courses aimed at bridging-the-gap between school students and the IT industry.
Its about informing your students so that they realise their potential, start off on the right foot, and understand that becoming a computer engineer is a realistic goal
We offer three, industry recognised, highly vocational, NZQA approved IT Diploma courses in Auckland.
Its about capturing our students passion for IT, inspiring a vision, promoting critical thinking, and shaping their “technical know-how" and understanding to achieve real life, employable skills.
We have a team of employment pathways managers dedicated to helping our graduates gaining employment
Employment Pathways
Its about helping our graduates in gaining the best entry-level IT roles with the best IT companies in the world. Its about our graduates leading the way & being the first in line for employment
Patrick Profile

Patrick Dowling - Principal
P | 09 529 7523 – ext: 5630

Vaine Profile

Vaine Ben - Marketing Coordinator
P | 09 529 7523 – ext: 5631


Danielle Natana - PC Engineering Trainer
P | 09 529 7523 – ext: 5631

Jan Profile

Jan Hutchinson - Senior Director
P | 09 529 7523 – ext: 5632

Dick Profile

Dick Cook - PC Engineering Trainer
P | 09 529 7523 – ext: 5631


Allan Jiang - PC Engineering Trainer
P | 09 529 7523 – ext: 5631

Rohan Profile

Rohan Sood - Programme Director
P | 09 529 7523 – ext: 5633

Charlotte Profile

Charlotte Murray - Secondary Pathways
P | 09 529 7523 – ext: 5634

Jeet Profile

Jeet Kaur - PC Engineering Trainer
P | 09 529 7523 – ext: 5631

Sam Profile

Sam Hutchinson - Marketing Manager
P | 09 529 7523 – ext: 5633

Poonam Profile

Poonam Deo - Student Administrator
P | 09 529 7523 – ext: 5600

Lyall Profile

Lyall Johnson - PC Engineering Trainer
P | 09 529 7523 – ext: 5631

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Studying at Techtorium has given me the ability to go into a job and feel confident in my knowledge and skills. The Level five course has given me a solid foundation and understanding of Hardware, networking and security. Without this basic knowledge I would not have gotten anything out of the level six course which is where I gained my Microsoft knowledge/certifications. Techtorium pushed me to certify which helped me stand out from the rest when job hunting and gave me a better understanding of the products I would be supporting. The knowledge I gained while at tech will hopefully allow me to advance quickly to bigger better roles quickly.
Daniel Bond - Dimension Data
Level 1 Service Desk Agent

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The Employment Project
In 2013, we introduced the Employment Project - A system completely dedicated to getting grads jobs. Now, with a strong team of Employment Pathways Managers, We're proud of what our graduates are achieving in the New Zealand (and Global) IT industry. Their determination, attitude, and tech' skills are highly sought after, and thats only the beginning. Our grads' have studied together, and will now grow as professionals together. Here are just a few of our stories about Techtorium Graduates making a difference.

Techtorium place a focus on providing IT education that is recognised across globally recognised certifications. As part of this focus, Techtorium have aligned their IT courses and IT Certification (including a range of Corporate Short Courses) with a number of vendor specific, and vendor neutral certification providers. These providers offer a the highest level of IT education programmes and support and form an integral part of the IT industry – both in New Zealand and abroad.

Microsoft Partners       CompTIA Parners     ITIL Partnership    HP Patnership Logo

Professional certification of industry and product specific skills is a major trend in information technology sector.  It managers view them as legitimate indicators of relevant knowledge and skill. The Techtorium Computer Training institute offer students and current IT personnel the chance to complete internationally recognised IT Certifications. All IT Certifications can be completed on premise. For a full list of the Techtorium Short Courses on offer, please see below. Alternatively, to review a Techtorium IT Qualification and Diploma Course – see IT Courses.

IT Courses   IT Courses   Microsoft Partnership

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