Industry Speakers Influencing Next Generation of IT Professionals

Industry Speakers Influencing Next Generation of IT Professionals

As New Zealand’s number one vocational IT provider we pride ourselves on doing all we can to make sure our students are well equipped to arrive in the workplace.  Today we hosted Jae Park of Optimus Systems, so that he could pass on his knowledge and tips to the next generation of IT professionals.

Optimus Systems, named after Autobot leader Optimus Prime, provides IT support to small to medium sized companies. With his time spent in the industry and most in his current position as a team leader with Optimus Systems, Jae was able to pass on a wealth of advice to our students. He covered the process of finding a job, interviewing and how to conduct yourself once you’ve landed the job.

Vocational Skills

In today’s visit his focus was the job hunt, the interview and the early stages of being employed. Advice was simple, practical and meaningful. He addressed CVs and what students can do to make theirs more eye catching for recruiters. Insight was also given into the perspective of employers when they look through CVs; keeping them concise was an important point.

Interview skills were the next talking point and Jae spoke to his experiences as both interviewer and interviewee and what students can draw from it. Time was given to salaries and how to negotiate them. Always negotiate up was a great bit of the guidance he offered. To finish he addressed life shortly after gaining employment. Getting the job is great, but it’s also where the work towards shaping your career really begins.

Thanks to Jae for taking the time to come and address our students. All of what he said rang true and there was more of it than what we could cover here. In passing on his insights and sharing his experience, Jae has set our students in good stead to work their way into the industry and make an impact once they get there.

What can Techtorium offer?

Skills, experience, and exit points:

Whether leaving school or starting new career, you need skills and the way to get them is through learning and practice. Our courses allow you to work hands on from day one. Each of our Diplomas is one year long, meaning that whether you stay with us for 1, 2 or 3 years you will leave with a qualification to show for it.

The Employment Pathways team.

The Employment Pathway team will be there from day one to support you during your studies, from a variety of workshops, inviting industry partners to connect with, and even the opportunity to gain a part-time role in IT while you study if you really want to dive straight into the industry. Upon graduation, the Employment Pathway team and their extensive network of employment partners will assist you to make sure you secure your first full time IT role!

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