Techtorium Students take on the Annual Westpac Hackathon

Techtorium Students take on the Annual Westpac Hackathon

Techtorium Students at Westpac Hackathon

Four of our software development students were recently selected to take part in the recent Westpac Annual Hackathon. Che, Ryan, Joshua and Sahil all enthusiastically jumped at the chance to take part and represent Techtorium. The Hackathon divided participants into teams where they were able to work on and pitch solutions to business problems that Westpac may face. This required collaborative attitudes and some had the experience of presenting to the rest of the participants and Westpac staff.

For the participants, there was the possibility of being selected for the Westpac Graduate Programme. But it was also a chance to meet other graduates with different skillsets in a working environment. Joshua said “It pushed me to think more creatively and overall was a fantastic experience working with people of different backgrounds and skills to design and present new ideas.” Che reported back that he really enjoyed the process of collaborating within the team. For some of the students they were leaving their comfort zones by taking part in this event, and they all claimed to have furthered their learning from being there.

At the conclusion of the event, Che was one of the lucky few to be selected for the Graduate Programme! He will be joining the Westpac team shortly and we know he is enthusiastic about starting there. We’d also like to thank and acknowledge the work that the team at Westpac put into running this event and giving the next generation of IT professionals a genuinely valuable experience.
A big thank you also goes out to our Industry Pathways Team, who have worked hard on building relationships with a variety of IT companies and organisations to help provide out students with valuable opportunities to put their skills to the test and showcase what Techtorium students have to offer.