Launching you INTO AN IT CAREER

The Industry Pathways Team

At Techtorium, we understand that the IT industry is constantly evolving, requiring new technologies and skills for success. Our Industry Pathways team works tirelessly to respond to these changes and ensure that our graduates remain relevant in the job market. We collaborate with leading IT companies, such as Datacom, New Era IT, Vocus Group, Solutionists, and Level Optimus Systems, to stay current with industry trends and equip our students with the necessary skills.

Having two interns from Techtorium for six weeks has been a pleasure. The level of training Techtorium delivers has been of great benefit to us. I would encourage companies to take on interns from Techtorium and see for yourselves - Grahame Symon, Lucidity Cloud Services

With over 15 years of training IT professionals, Techtorium continues to see outstanding levels of success in our graduates finding fulfilling and relevant employment. Our continuous collaboration with the IT industry, including with such companies as Datacom, New Era IT, Vocus Group, Solutionists, Level Optimus systems and more guarantees that we know what is happening in the industry and that students learn employment-centric skills that remain relevant.

Soft Skills and Personal Development

Soft skills are crucial for achieving success both in and out of the classroom. At Techtorium, we place a strong emphasis on developing these skills in our students, with a focus on:


· Communication · Self Management · Project Management
· Critical Thinking · Presentations · Professional Etiquette
· Teamwork


Full-time students have opportunities to further enhance their soft skills by joining us as Techtorium ambassadors during career fairs, industry networking events, and community volunteering programs. This comprehensive approach prepares our students to become confident and capable graduates, equipped with the skills to hit the ground running upon completing their studies.


  1. Equip you with the most in-demand technical skills
  2.  Deliver workshops to give you the confidence and the soft skills employers are looking for
  3.  Give you the tools you need to craft a winning CV
  4.  Put you through the ropes with a mock interview – making you ready for the real thing
  5.  Develop an individual plan for your transition into the world of work
  6.  Provide exposure to the industry through IT guest speakers, internships and events.
  7.  Get your foot in the door with the best IT companies

Succes Stories: Jayden Paul and Ofelia Lepale

I work as a Network Support Technician at Mt Roskill Grammar school under New Era IT. I have just finished my first week and I absolutely love the job. Being able to wake up in the morning and not dread going to work is one thing but looking forward to it is amazing! - Jayden Paul

Our Industry Pathways Team worked with Jayden and Ofelia and provided them with the oppurutnity to interview with New Era IT, New Zealand’s Eduacation IT Specialists. Both are now employed with New Era and are based at Mt Roskill Grammer school, once classmates, now colleagues.

Success Stories