Brooke – Whats your why?


Level 7 Cloud Management student

Brooke knew she needed different, and that’s why she jumped at the opportunity to join Techtorium “I chose Techtorium because it was different. It was not like the other places I had looked at or researched and at the time when I was applying, I knew I needed different. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do the “normal” uni things like sitting quietly in a 2-hour lecture.”  

Her class and the environment are two of Brooke’s reasons that kept her coming back to Techtorium, who is now in her final year studying our Level 7 Cloud management Diploma after completing her level 5 and 6 Computer Engineering studies. 

“My classmates are the biggest part of the experience; how open they are to helping. There is a balance between being the easy-going vibe on campus and the need to perform” 

There are the AAA’s (A systems which Techtorium uses to help monitor a student’s performance) and the staff let you know they are there but there isn’t pressure to constantly do well- there’s room to make mistakes. It is a relaxed student environment, not everyone is an adult yet, some are still 17 and 19 so it is maybe a more laid-back experience than what you may find at a bigger uni. You still have to perform but it’s less cold about it.” 

Brooke is currently finishing up her second term in the Level 7 course “We are learning about provisioning server automation, PowerShell automation. Setting up programs so that things automate if something goes wrong and you are not there. Essentially implementing IT safety nets.”  

“It’s really satisfying to hand work in and finally present it and show all the work you’ve done and all the effort that’s gone into it.” 

Although she is enjoying the Level 7 course, she admits that it is different from her previous year doing her Level 6 Computer Engineering course at Techtorium “Level 7 is really different to Level 6. In Level 6 we would get and assignment most days and be given a lab that would coach us through step by step, whereas in 7 we get almost a mini assignment to do each week.” 

“It’s a step up in terms of the amounts of work but more so that you need too to be independent. You are required to be a lot more independent with your learning and to do a lot more research on the subjects. I’m enjoying independence, though it can be challenging.” 

Upon completion of her course at the end of the year, Brooke is aiming to jump into project management, and thanks to the support of her past trainers in Level 6, Dick Cook and Lyall Johnson, for their push and guidance for helping Brooke get into that space. 

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