Suliana – What’s your Why?


Level 5 Computer Engineering student

Suliana enjoyed working with computers in high school and was wondering how she could explore this further when she found out about Techtorium’s short courses. She signed up and was immediately impressed with the level of teaching and the attentiveness of our trainers. About her first experience, she remembers, “When I went for my short course at Techtorium, the trainer went around the whole class and checked that every student was on the right path, if they needed help and that they were on track.”.

Looking at her studies so far, Suliana is very pleased with her progress, “At first I didn’t really know what I was getting into. I felt like I didn’t know anything or who to ask for help”. Very quickly the openness and helpfulness of her trainers and classmates helped both with learning and with making new friends. “It’s an environment where I’m able to learn properly and be confident about asking questions”. She continues “It motivates me to keep learning and pushing myself.”.

Computer Engineering Student

As we talked about the course and its highlights so far, she told us that the biggest highlight has been the friends she’s made since joining “On my first day I was shy, but the other students really made me feel welcome and they were all really nice.”.  She has also appreciated the class sizes at Techtorium “I also really like the size of the class because the trainers get to have one on one conversations with us and come around if we need help.”.

We asked about her favourite aspects of IT and it was all about the Cloud and the quality of life IT can bring. “We can back up photos, download music and so much else. There are just so many things you can do.”.  Her aspirations for the future also show she’s started on a great path “I want to get to Level 7 and graduate and keep learning. Learn a lot and help people however I can with my knowledge”.

Starting as a beginner with a passion, Suliana has now come so far in her knowledge and confidence with IT. Her experience from studying IT in high school to our short courses, to taking up full time study has been amazing to learn about. She has some great advice to pass on to students just beginning their journeys “Keep pushing forward and don’t be afraid to ask your trainers and friends for help. You’re not alone. Believe and have faith in yourself”.

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