Software Development: Capstone Project July 2019!

Software Development: Capstone Project July 2019!

Techtorium is vocational: You learn by doing and we train our students to become IT professionals ready to hit the ground running.

This is why our Software Development students work on projects in a set of teams. The end second semester of Level 6 New Zealand Diploma in Software Development is entirely dedicated to their CAPSTONE PROJECT.

On Thursday 20th of July, our senior students presented their end of year project in front of a panel of judges and also in front of their classmates. To start off the ceremony, some junior students showcased their recent projects from their Mobile App development module. They showcased their creations using Xamarin.

Senior students delivered a very professional presentation of their Capstone projects to the panel of judges:

  • A video game involving a tank of fishes who need daily attention. The player could feed the fishes, tap on the tank and buy new items to include in the tank. Using AI, fishes could socialise with each other, breed, interact with the environment from the tank or die while the user is away. The game would also allow for the player to buy real fishes from a pet store for which this game would be used as a promotional tool. Real information about the various species of fishes was also available to the user.
  •, A website to buy, sell and bid game cards. The website provides a platform for buying and selling trading cards for free, starting with Yu-Gi-Oh! With optional verification services and one minute blind auctions where users do not know the winner until the auction is finished. A premium user will be able to get unlimited verification purchases, no ads and priority on the sales index. Great work by Rhind Mulitalo (Scrum master), Joseph Davey and Sahil Puri!
  • Project Management website tailored for Civil Engineering projects. This team actually had a real product owner to detail the features needed. The admin user, the project manager, can have an overview of the existing projects and assigned teams, linking attachments relevant to the projects such as blueprints and follow the progress of the team.

We bet all three teams are really relieved they finished their projects and we are now very excited to see what the next group of students will come up with!!!