Sharath – What’s your why?


Level 7 Cloud Management student

Even overseas, Techtorium’s reputation for great vocational training reached Sharath through a family member in New Zealand’s IT industry. With family in the industry in New Zealand and an eye on the future, Sharath knew that his best option to enter the IT industry and make an impact was through Techtorium’s Level 7 Cloud Management Diploma. He soon did his research, got in touch with student engagement, and came over to study. He told us “I looked at the brochure and requirements and thought ‘This is it.’. Then when I came it was even better than the brochure.”. 

 A recent graduate, Sharath had a great time on course. As an international student, he was expecting a more traditional setting where you get some textbooks and sent off to learn. He told us his trainer Mike was “Amazing” and he really enjoyed the open and easy style of interaction. 

The content and lessons, Sharath feels, have helped to build a great base of knowledge. Topics covered have included Microsoft Office 365, SCCM, server automation, deployment and more to give students as much knowledge as possible for Cloud Management. As well as knowledge, he feels Mike has imparted valuable professional practices and philosophies during his time on course.  

 A huge part of Sharath’s enjoyment of the course has come from the style of instruction which has really drawn the class together. “Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert doesn’t matter too much because you have to get something up and running. You’re all trying to learn and everybody comes out of their shells and contributes to it.”. The project-based approach is geared specifically to foster this and get students collaborating as they would in the workplace. 

 Problem-solving – Sharath’s favourite aspect of IT work is another area where Mike’s instruction has had a positive impact on Sharath’s approach. “Like Mike says, 99% of IT problems get fixed when you turn it off and on again. But if you really want to learn, don’t always do that. Burn the hours and figure it out.”. That way you learn, meaning when you need it down the line you have that knowledge from solving that problem and you can apply it. 

 Sharath holds his ambitions close and aims to work hard to make them happen. The plan right now is to earn enough to retire young, travel the world, and keep pursuing more knowledge in IT. He tells us “I know I’m on the right path.”. With his knowledge and his work ethic, we believe there is every chance that he’s right.  

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