Rehanna & Denny – What’s your Why?

Rehana and Denny were looking for a change in career, seeking something stable and with high earning potential. As they considered the options they could transition into, IT was always a prominent consideration. Growing, stable and ever more present in the modern world, it fitted well with what they hoped for, but it was a chance meeting with  Patrick Dowling, the Founder and Managing Director of Techtorium, that solidified their decision to re-enter full-time study. “It was just some strange, good timing and he is one of the best in the industry.”.

Beginning studies in 2020 was not an easy task and starting halfway through as Denny and Rehana did was harder still. Techtorium’s versatility, switching between online and onsite learning, in the face of these disruptions made it much easier to do though “lockdown was actually a bit easier, we really only had to drop the kids off and come back and attend class and so there was less in our lives to juggle which worked well for us.”. Even with the shorter lockdowns, we have experienced in 2021, the seamless transitions have made it much easier not to lose any study time.

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Joining halfway through the year can seem intimidating. It can feel as though everyone else has had a head start in terms of learning. Having started halfway through the year themselves, Denny and Rehana told us, “We anticipated that it would be really challenging, but our trainers and classmates helped us through”. They recall, “One thing Patrick always says is that anybody can pick it up at any point because the curriculum revolves through the year”.

Talking about their aims for the future, they see the IT industry as more packed with opportunities than ever, “It’s a great opportunity for people if they study IT because of the way the world is moving and working from home or remotely”. Especially since Covid 19, IT is one of the few industries to just continue going from strength to strength. Denny continues, “I like that Techtorium is actually implementing work environments. It’s not just studying from a book”.

Finally, on the topic of beginning your IT studies, Rehana says “Like any other career choice, it’s not for everyone. But if you have the interest there’s so much you can do and so many opportunities.”. As mature students, they both have professional experience already and know “Being older we can actually help those that are a little bit older and not tech-savvy”. So much change has occurred in the last year and a half, but IT remains a constant factor of everyday life, maybe more so than before. If you have the interest, there has never been a better time than now to build a future in the industry.

Level 5 Information Technology Technical Support Diploma
Level 6 Systems Administration Diploma
Level 7 Cloud Management Diploma