Micah – SecureCom

Service Desk Engineer, SecureCom.

Diploma in Cloud Management (Level 7)


Now a professional and making his way in the IT industry as a Service Desk Engineer for SecureCom, Level 7 graduate Micah shows how well things can go when you follow your passion through to a professional level.  During his studies with us, Micah always applied himself to his course work and maintained a positive attitude. We recently caught up with him to learn more about his experience in the industry.

We talked about what drew him to do his tertiary studies with Techtorium . He shared “Before I didn’t really know what direction I wanted to go… all I knew was I wanted it to be related to computers.”. He told us, “After studying at Techtorium, I started to see what kind of direction and what kind of roles I wanted to go for.”. He went on to say, “I could see myself doing it and really learning what I needed for the paths I wanted to follow.”

When reflecting on his experience in the industry so far, Micah tells us that “It’s been great, the people are great, and I’ve been learning a lot.”. He continues, “They also have opportunities for me to continue further in IT in different roles.”. A year into his career in IT, it is so great to see him already gaining an understanding of just how many opportunities await.

Micah | Cloud management graduate | Techtorium NZIIT

The first year in full time work is always a formative time, and Micah has learned a lot and is serious about continuing his development. “I always try to stay on top of the newest tech and trends and that kind of thing, watching videos and looking at the news. I’m currently looking at doing more certifications to keep up my level of skill and knowledge.”. He tells us, “I enjoy IT and I have fun doing it.”  There is always plenty of motivation for Micah to stick with it and keep improving.

Looking back at how his time at Techtorium influenced his professional development, he shared, “I was able to jump into a lot of things really quick, I didn’t have to learn from the ground up, I just knew a lot of it.”. He continued, “Rather than having to learn a lot of base skills, I was able to supplement what I already knew and round off any rough edges in my knowledge.”

We spoke about what advice he would pass on to students looking to begin their studies in IT, he passed on some great advice. “Take studying seriously, keep learning lots, and I believe you can really do well for yourself.”. Emphasising the value of continued development, he finished, “Keep learning because there’s a world of different things in IT for you as long as you keep learning.”

Want to begin a Computer Engineering career like Micah?

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