Mere – What’s your Why?


Level 5 Computer Engineering student

After an eventful start to 2020 and having seen her brother study through his Level 7 Cloud Management Diploma with Techtorium, Mere decided to start studying towards a career in IT. A former flight attendant whose job was affected by the COVID 19 pandemic; Mere chose to see this not as a setback but as a chance to begin walking down a different path.

When Mere came to Techtorium the course seemed overwhelming at first. Starting from a background more purely based in customer service, her experience with computers was limited but she soon started picking it up. Mere tells us “I remember the first day it all seemed so overwhelming but by the end of the week I had created users in Active Directory and all this cool stuff.”.

It has been great to hear about how supported Mere has felt right from the start of her studies at Techtorium. From day one we put a lot of effort into understanding the best learning approach for each of our students so we can make sure they’re getting the most out of their IT training. “The workshops have been really cool. My trainers have been really good. You can message your trainer whenever. I find my trainer helps resolve any issues really quickly as well. Also, he’s really funny.”, says Mere.

Although it’s still early in her journey with Techtorium and into IT, Mere has come such a long way. Looking at what she’s learned and where she started, Mere tells us “We were solving IT tickets last week and I was like “Wow, I used to be the person on the other side of this”. Already Mere has her eye on the industry and is aiming to study through to our Level 7 Cloud Management Diploma to place herself in the best possible starting position.

As it is, Mere’s position is not a unique one. COVID 19 has meant the loss of many jobs and a lot of skilled people are looking at new professional pathways. Mere’s mindset and openness to learning combined with the soft skills and professionalism she developed in her previous career provide a perfect foundation for an exciting career in the IT industry. With a global shift to working from home and increased reliance on technology, the IT industry is more important than ever. More and more people like Mere are needed to bring their own experiences into the industry along with the foundation of knowledge that Techtorium provides.

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