Jayden Paul – New Era IT

Network Support Engineer, New Era IT.

Diploma in Cloud Management (Level 7)


Joining us in 2016, Techtorium was first recommended to Jayden by his High School teacher.  “I attended an ICE course (A computer engineering short course) in 2015 after talking to my high school teacher. I really enjoyed the short course and it made me look more into attending Techtorium. After looking at the course outlines, I really liked the amount of practical hands-on work we got to do rather than theory”

Jayden reflects on his 3 years at Techtorium and the skills he gained at that time.

“The interactive learning environment, the trainers, and the many practical labs all helped me gain important skills and apply them to my current role. We were troubleshooting issues with servers and desktops. We learned logical steps to follow when troubleshooting issues. Re-imaging machines, setting up new devices, and managing them in a domain. All of these are applied regularly in my new role”.

After graduating at the end of 2018, Jayden worked with our Employment Pathways team to get him job-ready and to put his CV in front of a variety of employers. “Employment pathways put me in front of many employers. They held mock interviews to ensure I was ready to face a recruiter and made sure my CV was at a good standard”

Jayden was able to secure an interview with New Era IT and is now employed Full Time.

“I am working at Mt Roskill Grammar school under New Era IT. I have just finished my first week and I absolutely love the job. Being able to wake up in the morning and not dread going to work is one thing but looking forward to it is amazing! My role varies a lot, I could be doing anything from setting up new computers to troubleshooting issues in the server room. I receive calls, emails, and sometimes teachers or students pop into the office and I’ll help them fix issues. You eventually get to know the staff and build relationships with them which I enjoy more than talking to random people on the helpdesk. New Era IT has also said there’s many places to move up to later which is exciting. Overall, I love my job and it makes me excited about my future and am thankful for the Employment Pathways team for giving me this opportunity”.

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