Heta – New Era IT

Desktop/Network Service Technician, New Era IT.

NZ Diploma in Information Technology Technical Support (Level 5)


Now working as a Desktop/Network Service Technician for New Era, Heta’s first encounter with Techtorium was in 2016 when she attended one of our ICE short courses, at that time known as Hardware. She recalls “It was so hands-on and practical; I really liked that aspect.” It would be a few more years before we would see her again, during which time she finished school and attended university. “I did a couple of years and I got through it, but I didn’t really feel like I fitted in there”. She continues, “around that time, I got a mail from Techtorium saying they had an opening in their courses”. Remembering the quality of instruction on the short course she’d attended, she decided to give it a go.

During her time at Techtorium, she found that the environment and sense of community were a much better fit. She tells us, “I really enjoyed the whole community feeling there”. The innovative learning environment and smaller class size were a huge plus.  The learning was as she’d remembered, “Learning by doing, being in that environment really helped me out, it really stood out to me”.

A diligent and enthusiastic student during her time with us, Heta attended various employment and industry preparation workshops run by our Industry Pathways and Student Engagement teams. It was one such workshop that led her right into employment. She tells us, “During the last week of term at Techtorium, I attended a session for the students run by New Era’s HR team”. She continues, “They mentioned that they had some vacancies open and said that if we want to apply, we could give it a go”.

Heta - Alumni Success Stories IT Diploma Techtorium

Having previous customer service experience along with her newly acquired IT skills, Heta gave it a go. She tells us “I didn’t know if I would get it but figured I would try. A week later, they called and asked if I wanted to do an interview.” It was just a few weeks after completing her studies that she would be offered the job. Here she has found both a wealth of learning opportunities and a chance to use all the knowledge that she gained at Techtorium.

Now spending her days on-site at St Mary’s College, Heta shares that everything that Techtorium taught and trained has come into play. About what technical skills she’s called upon she reports “everything like if you think about the knowledge base, all the hardware stuff that we learned like server management and all that stuff, it all applies.” About the soft skills she’s put to use, “Techtorium teaches you to be self-motivated, self-driven and get the work done yourself and those skills have really helped me in this job.”

When we spoke about the future, she told us, “I’m looking forward to expanding my skill, there’s always new things coming up and new issues to help solve.” Her advice for students and those looking to get into IT was simple and meaningful, “Don’t give up. Especially for kids just coming out of high school who don’t know what they want to do, it can be quite overwhelming at times, but it works out in the end.”

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Level 5 Information Technology Technical Support Diploma
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