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Wednesdays – Networking & Computers

Strands covered:

2. Technological Knowledge – Using technology to create solutions.

3. Nature of Technology How and where technology is used to connect us in our world

The opportunities working as Computer Support, Cloud, Network and Server Engineers are growing worldwide. Our way of communicating and collaborating both at work and at home has moved our technological requirements from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must-have’. These Computer Engineering roles have grown as a result, making it a solid and exciting industry to be in.

Student Profile: 

This pathway is for students who are more interested in understanding how computers, networks and the cloud work, providing practical exercises, scenarios and ‘in class’ project work. These students may have expressed an interest in becoming Network Engineers, PC Support Technicians. This provides for the hands-on aspiring tech students who want to be on the move.

25 credits at Level 3 and Level 4 (Years 12-13)

Students will learn to:

• Set up and configure networking servers to connect to other servers.
• Support LAN communications and configure Internet connectivity.
• Set up computers to be used by network users to connect to servers.
• Make sure that data on the servers is protected.
• Set up and configure wireless networks.
• Set up security for the workstations and servers.
• Troubleshoot and fix problems with the network.
• Use tech tools to improve network performance.

Thursdays – Computer Programming

Strands covered:

3. Nature of Technology – How and where technology is used to connect us in our world

Software applications are everywhere. We only need to look at our phones to see how prolifically they have popped up to support our personal and professional requirements. Being a full-time programmer working in the industry is exciting and demanding, requiring both excellent coding skills as well as problem-solving skills. This pathway introduces programming for aspirant coders allowing them a taste test for this exciting career pathway.

Student Profile: 

This student is likely to be someone who takes a methodical and measured approach to problem-solving. They will be able to learn concepts and apply them to other problems and have good writing skills. It is likely they will be drawn to technology, have good core mathematical skills and be confident in the use of computers.

25 credits at Level 3 and Level 4 (Years 12 -13)

Students will learn to:

Write code for a computer program.
• Investigate, plan, design and create a software solution for a customer.
• Integrate the use of a database to store information in the cloud.
• Use cloud-based strategies to ensure the solution is made available
for users.

• Develop an interactive website using cloud-based tools.