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Sam R 

Computer Engineering trainer

Passionate in his training and creative in his methods, Sam is a fixture in our training team. With over 13 years of experience in IT training and a prior background as an electrician, he brings exceptional hands-on experience to his role. The enthusiastic and empathetic approach that Sam brings every day has prepared countless students’ progress to suitable places for both employment and further study. 

  Sam’s first steps into IT were by way of video games. In Wellington in the early 2000s, he was invited to play at an internet café he had worked on as an electrician. This would spark an interest that would soon launch him into a rewarding career. “I was fascinated by the graphics and how all that came about. I had never played games on PCs before and never knew about the amount of customisation and all that. Then slowly I got into video cards, then I got into CPUs and motherboards. I really got excited and interested”.  

Sam R

Moving to Auckland soon after this, Sam saw the opportunity to start anew and began his studies in IT. Finishing his Level 5 and 6 Diplomas, Sam was set to enter the industry until he was offered the opportunity to be an assistant instructor, “I was so good they could not let me go”. He continues “I’d never taught before, but I had some ideas because I’d had apprentices back when I was an electrician and showed them bits and pieces”. 

Even before Sam fully finished his studies, he discovered his passion for teaching and introducing others to what IT could offer as a profession. “The reason I enjoyed it at the time is the same as why I enjoy it now.” He continues, “I enjoyed it because I felt like I had been in the same place as those kids in the seats.” From here, he knew that he had found his passion and the only choice was to follow it. 

Since then, Sam has been pursuing his passion in preparing students for the world of IT employment. In his time as a Trainer, Techtorium has stood out not just for its quality of education, but because of the people, both colleagues and students alike telling us, “It’s what makes me go to Techtorium and enjoy it every day.” His biggest source of enjoyment is the teaching itself though, “It’s that feeling – when I go to bed at night, and I know I’ve done something good for someone that day.” 

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