Michael – Canary Data Solutions

Software Developer, Canary Data Solutions.

NZ Diploma in Software Development (Level 6)


With an early interest in gaming introducing him to the world of programs and coding, Michael knew that there was only one career path he wanted. However, the only way he knew how to turn his passion into a profession at that point was to go to university and study computer science. Unfortunately, he ran into a stumbling block when he couldn’t get into all the necessary papers for it. “I was going to go to one of the big unis but I couldn’t get into one of the classes I needed. Then my careers counsellor suggested that I should go to Techtorium”.

Coming on course to study our Level 5 Information Systems Diploma, Michael took to our practical approach to training right away. “I prefer the hands-on approach because you actually get stuff done and build a portfolio.”. It was an environment that fostered his development as a programmer allowing him to really focus on his interest. Here he would develop both the technical and soft skills that he now puts to good use in his role at Canary Data Solutions.

Michael Bryant - Level 6 Software Development

One of the great things about his current role is its adaptability, “We get some choice of when we come in and when we leave, and we can also work from home – we just have to make sure that the work gets done”. This flexibility has meant that Michael’s job has been unaffected by Covid, telling us during lockdown, that his work had, “basically not changed at all”.

Michael’s advice to students aiming to follow down the same line of work is simple – focus on your hobbies. “A lot of my portfolio was all the modding work that I did and through making mods, the company that made the game that I made mods for contacted me. I did some work for them, and I’m doing some work for another gaming company now.” Through applying his own skills to his hobbies, Michael not only developed his abilities but developed the portfolio that helped him to land his job.

It has been amazing hearing about Michael’s journey in IT so far. From his early decision that he wanted to learn how games were made to his job now as a Software Developer. Working in one of the few industries relatively unaffected by COVID-19, pursuing his passions and still partaking in gaming related projects, it’s clear that Michael will only continue to grow in and make his mark felt in the IT Industry.

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