Danielle – Meet the team


Computer Engineering trainer

Danielle is an incredible and accomplished trainer with a longstanding career in IT and a passion for helping others. Making a living caring for individuals with disabilities, she found she needed a change and needed something both challenging and sustainable. She tells us, “My friend that told me about this Level 3 computing course. I did that and that opened my eyes. It was the change I wanted, so I got into IT.”

Her first steps along her IT journey were much like the student that she now trains, gaining Levels 5 and 6 Computing Diplomas in her studies. It was during these studies that she found she wanted to train others using her newfound skills. About that moment that sent her down this path, she tells us, “Halfway through my studies, there was a Level 3 course that opened up and it was full of girls. I really had a good relationship with them because there weren’t any girls before them.”

Trainer- Level 5 Diploma Information Technology Technical Support

She continues, “It sort of made me want to teach more girls and teach more people in general. That’s my passion just to help others get to a point where they’re stable..” Danielle’s greatest satisfaction comes from seeing students grow into their potential as they study. Watching a student fresh out of high school grow into a newly fledged IT professional and keeping track of how their careers grow.  

To keep ahead of the game in this regard, Danielle is always looking to upskill. IT is an industry where your skills must evolve to stay sharp. To that end, she keeps studying and achieving. Her industry certifications include CompTIA A+, Linux+, Network + and Microsoft Certified Educator to name only a few. 

One of the longest serving Trainers on our amazing team, we asked Danielle what her favourite things about Techtorium are. She told us, “The environment. It’s innovative with the open classrooms which is different from when I was a tutor in my previous role. We had our own rooms, doors, very much working as individuals. At Techtorium it’s very collaborative. Sharing a room with the other Trainers and sharing ideas and having just an open environment.” 

We also spoke to her about the highlights of her time with us. A big one was how smoothly we transitioned in an out of Covid lockdowns, “When it first happened last year, we just jumped straight into it. There were many tertiary providers that could not jump into online learning as we did, but our students did not miss a beat. They were there, we were there, all online and it just worked like clockwork.” 

Danielle is an integral part of Techtorium and brings invaluable passion, ability, and experience to our training team. Her time with us so far has been amazing and we cannot wait to see both her achievements and those of her students for a long time to come.