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Having grown up playing video games, Corey was amazed by the worlds that they opened. A story could be more than just a story and could be experienced in any number of ways. He decided he had to know how they work.

After some research, he found they were created by code and finding this opened up worlds of possibilities for him. He discovered the ever-growing world of technology with its abundance of real-world jobs.

Software Development Graduate

When asked what he had learned in his time with Techtorium, Corey told us “Going into Techtorium I believed I had the skills necessary to get a job and keep it. I soon discovered that was not the case. During my studies, I learned many skills directly related to software development. Due to this I successfully gained an internship at eCommerce Web Development business Solutionists.”

About his current employer Solutionists, Corey told us “Going into Solutionists I knew enough to make a start and, as intended, I would come to learn a lot more. Stepping into the real world was quite daunting to start out but I was quickly integrated by the friendly team.”.

Corey recalls “They started me off with smaller tasks that were well within my capabilities then gradually assigned more difficult tasks. Many of these I had never encountered before but by using skills that Techtorium helped me improve such as problem-solving, critical thinking, individual learning, and asking lots of questions I began to feel more comfortable in my capabilities.

When we asked about the quality of help from our Industry Pathways team, Corey told us “Industry Pathways at Techtorium were directly responsible for landing my interview at Solutionists. The Industry Pathways staff are constantly seeking to establish new and strong connections to recruiters and businesses in all areas of I.T in order to aid students who wish to gain employment during and/or after graduating.”

Corey still applies the skills he learned at Techtorium, letting us know “Techtorium has taught many skills that I often apply in the workforce. The technical skills include knowledge of a large area of the Web Stack such as HTML, Javascript, CSS, C# – MVC [Entity Framework] and SQL. This allows for development of complex applications such as E-commerce websites. Other skills include Software Development, Mobile App Development, Project Management and many important soft skills such as problem solving and public speaking/presenting.”

Corey discovered Techtorium through the Education Pathways staff at his high school. They introduced him to Techtorium’s ICE short courses where he got an introduction to various areas of I.T. This included hardware, networking, virtualization, forensics, software. These short courses helped him to identify which I.T path was the right path for him.

When asked what advise he’d give to new students, Corey had this to say “Learning and studying isn’t easy but remember to utilize your time by working hard and asking questions! Don’t doubt and criticize yourself or others in failures as failures are a great steppingstone to success if you learn from your mistakes. “

“Remember your time in study is time spent preparing yourself for your future career, so use it wisely.”

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