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Welcome to Techtorium.

“Women in IT” – Thursday 15th August

If you are still in high school, between year 11 to year 13,

Join us from 9.45am until 12.30pm

The New Zealand IT sector growing strong and fast resulting in a shortage of skilled IT professionals. Choosing a career in Tech is a great way to future-proof yourself, assuring a stable and long career.  Technology is everywhere and used by everyone making the IT industry extremely versatile and diverse! You can integrate your passion with a career in technology. You love Art and Coding? You love Fashion Design and Engineering? Those subjects can join forces and generate innovation!


Techtorium Women in IT 2019 aims at inspiring young women by:

  • Showcasing inspiring role models who can testify of their successful career in the IT sector and how their work make an impact for tomorrow’s generations.
  • We also want all young women to experience first hand how fun and exciting IT can be by participating in interactive workshops!


Take part in shaping the world of tomorrow and join the Digital Revolution!



Amber Taylor – CEO of Ara Journeys


Amber introduces herself as “Wizard of Lightbulb Moments” and some of her key skills include:

  • Mastering the art of disruption
  • Developing innovations for the future
  • Designing digital experiences for the benefit of the community and future generations.

ARA Journeys is a young company established in 2018 using Augmented Reality, Digital storytelling and Gamification with the aim of enhancing cultural (re)connection, interactions with whakapapa and whenua (land), and the normalisation of te reo Māori through innovative applications of technology.


ARA Journeys


MYOB is committed to challenging traditional gender roles and aims to raise awareness of gender equality in technology. The software company has a strong representation of women across the business (43%) and in its Senior Leadership Team (44%). It is making a contribution to the improved representation of women in technology through initiatives such as; DevelopHer, offering paid scholarships to women who are changing careers or looking to re-enter the workforce; targeting the hiring of women into more than 40% of entry level engineering roles; and actively seeking opportunities to transfer female leaders from other areas into technology teams. In May 2019 it produced its second “Women in Tech” report looking at gender equality in New Zealand’s tech sector and held an “Inspiring Women in Tech” event as part of TechWeek.

MYOB will be facilitating a “Spaghetti Marshmallow Monster” Challenge for all our participants to experiment and have fun using their critical thinking!

Inspiring Women in Tech - MYOB


Any questions, call us on 0800 529 7523

Last time around, Techtorium had the privilege to host

> Edwina Mistry from TechWomen NZ / Shadow Tech, <

> Mary Aue from Coconut Wireless, <

> Zohreh and Maryam Doborjeh from AUT presenting their research in AI. <

A variety of activities made for a very successful day!