Westpac Business Awards – Techtorium Wins Best of the Best for Excellence in Community Contribution award!

On Friday, the 17th of June, we returned to the Cordis Hotel for Westpac’s Business Awards for the Best of the Best ceremony. Donning our best dress again, the spectacle was no less awe-inspiring. The venue, the ambience, once more being in such rare company. When we were first nominated, we were honoured to be recognised but had no notion that we were in with a chance to win. Now here we sit, having not only won the award for Excellence in Community Contribution for Central Auckland but now in Auckland as a whole and having been chosen from Auckland’s other amazing winners.

Last year we were honoured to find out that we had been nominated for two awards, and this year we are even more honoured to have won the award for Excellence in Community Contribution for Auckland Central. This put us in the running for the same award for the Auckland region. This time around we found ourselves in the company of Recreational Services Ltd and All Heart NZ. As with all our other co-nominees, we are grateful to have our work seen in the same light as theirs. From nomination to making the finals in Community Contribution as well as Innovation to winning the Excellence in Community Contribution award has been an amazing journey. To go a step further and win the Best of the Best Award for Community Contribution is incredible.

Westpac business awards - Techtorium

Since we first opened our doors in 2004, we have sought to live up to our credo of Creating IT Professionals through Excellence in Education. We know the change that gainful IT employment can create not just for our students but for their families too. According to Seek.co.nz, 13 of New Zealand’s 20 highest paying roles are in the ICT industry. With a median salary of $105,000 according to careers.govt.nz, the impact of finding gainful employment in IT has boundless potential to be positive and generational. 

 In our pursuit of positive change within our Auckland communities, there have been so many people and organisations who have been instrumental. Our Tertiary Pathways team have instrumental in targeting Auckland schools and students who can benefit from our approach and philosophy. Our exceptional trainers who we truly believe are the best at what they do, and our student development team who support our students during their students. The whole Techtorium team, from Governance down, wrap everything we do around the individual needs of our students.  

 We also want to thank everyone that got us to this point. Every industry partner and educational partner. Every teacher, career counsellor, and anyone else has referred a student to us. The current and former team members have helped us build towards what we are today. Thank you to our amazing students and all the communities that we serve. Finally, thank you to Patrick and Jan, our Managing Director and CEO, for your kind leadership and drive that has and continues to positively impact so many lives. Here is to many more years of service to Auckland and New Zealand’s communities. 

Why do we do what we do?

Hear from our CEO, Jan Hutchinson, on why we do what we do and how we support our community in gaining exposure to what a career in IT could look like, and how it can help them. 

Take a look at highlights from the event below!