Techtorium achieves “NZQA Category 1” status


Techtorium achieves “NZQA Category 1” status

“A proud moment that reflects the quality in everything we do”

Once again Techtorium NZIIT has achieved an NZQA Category 1 provider status. This achievement reflects the quality of education that Techtorium provides, and has provided over the past 15 years.

The report commissioned in December 2019 offers a detailed review of Techtorium’s educational capabilities across three focus areas.  The evaluators were tasked with identifying how well Techtorium could respond to a number of key evaluative questions (KEQs). Theses KEQs include:

  • How well do students achieve?
  • What is the value of the outcomes for key stakeholders, including students?
  • How well do programme design and delivery, including learning and assessment activities, match the needs of students and other relevant stakeholders?
  • How effectively are students supported and involved in their learning?
  • How effective are governance and management in supporting educational achievement?
  • How effectively are important compliance accountabilities managed?

In summary, the evaluators described Techtorium NZIIT as “a student-centred institute with strong connections to the information technology industry and is comprehensively meeting learner and other stakeholder needs. Effective leadership and self-assessment underpin excellent educational performance.”

Moreover, Techtorium was found to be Highly Confident in educational performance and Highly Confident in capability in self-assessment. No recommendations were offered by the NZQA on how Techtorium could improve their current practices.

Techtorium places its students at the core of everything it does. This is now evident in this extensive report offered by the NZQA. If you would like to read the full NZQA External Evaluation and Review Report, please click here.

We must say a big thank you to all of the Techtorium staff that contributed to this amazing achievement, and a special thank you to Techtorium CEO Jan Hutchinson and Founder Patrick Dowling for their dedication and hard work to ensure we remain the best quality IT educator in New Zealand.