The new New Zealand Diplomas in IT

New NZ IT Diplomas

The new New Zealand Diplomas in IT

As some of you may be aware, the NZQA the educational standards body in New Zealand, has recently finalised a huge undertaking to streamline the all the qualifications on the New Zealand qualifications framework. The process called the ‘Targeted Review of Qualifications’ (or TRoQ as it is affectionately known in the tertiary space) was established to review qualifications to level 6 for relevance and eliminate the duplication of qual’s that were the same or similar. This had been hugely confusing for students and also employers.
Before the TRoQ there were 81 ICT diplomas at Level 5 and Level 6 available for students to choose from (Level 7 was exempt from the review). With extensive collaboration with IT industry leaders and key tertiary providers, NZQA has streamlined the number to 8 finely tuned, relevant and industry focused. These diplomas need to be fully implemented by 2018 with the old Diplomas to be retired.
We are very pleased to announce that Techtorium is not waiting until next year to offer these new programmes but we have rolled them all out in our first intake for the year in 2017. We are one of the first to be offering the new New Zealand Diplomas at level 5 and level 6 in the country.


Our computer Engineering pathway now offers:

We offer several intakes in a year to ensure a steady stream of graduates for employers throughout the year.

All of these programmes are delivered in an Innovative Learning Environment meaning we foster critical thinking, lateral thinking, self-directed study, learning by observation, participation, investigation, collaboration in an environment that will make our graduates work ready.
In our most recent External Evaluation and Review the lead evaluator commented that Techtorium has demonstrated the most successful implementation of an innovative learning environment that he has witnessed in the tertiary sector. Innovative learning prepares grads for employment. Just Google NZQA Techtorium to see.
We really mean our tagline ‘Creating IT Professionals through excellence in education.’