Luka Tauvae – Health Alliance

Service Desk Analyst, Health Alliance

Level 5 and 6 Diploma in Computer Engineering

Having always had a strong interest in IT, Luka has been engaged with the industry since 2013 joined Techtorium in 2015. He was introduced to us through his school’s Gateway program which allowed him to experience our ICE and CODE courses. Having had a taste our practical, hands-on approach to learning, Luka decided that we were the tertiary provider for him.

“After doing a few ICE courses I really liked Techtorium, mainly because of the style of learning that was implemented. There weren’t too many lectures as most of the work was practical and engaging. I chose Techtorium because of the way that the courses were structured, and I felt that I would gain more skills from doing the courses that Techtorium than I would elsewhere.”

When asked about his favorite parts about studying at Techtorium, Luka told us “I enjoyed many aspects of Techtorium. I mainly enjoyed the courses as I found that they were practical and engaging. I was involved with the student infrastructure team which I enjoyed being part of, as it helped me further develop both my technical skills as well as my soft skills.”

Luka is very conscious of what studying IT is worth for anyone who is interested in it “I would recommend Techtorium to anyone looking to get into IT industry because the courses are structured in a way that, even people with no prior IT knowledge or IT experience, but have a strong interest in IT can understand the concepts and terminology used.”

Reflecting on the skills learned from Techtorium that he applies to his current job, Luka told us “I have learnt various skills ranging from management of client and server operating systems to active directory administration and PowerShell which I deal with on a daily basis as part of my current role.”

After graduating from his studies with us, our Employment Pathways team were there to help him transition into the workplace. “The Employment Pathways team assisted me in getting an internship with a managed services company. Here I gained valuable knowledge and exposure of the various types of software used in the IT industry. This helped me in progressing through other roles in my career.”

“My current role involves providing IT support for Auckland DHBs in New Zealand’s third largest IT environment with 20,000 computers, 8 data centres, 12,000 mobile devices and 3,300 servers. As part of my role I assist in supporting a wide range of business and clinical applications in an ITIL aligned environment. Daily, I can encounter something simple as a password reset or an account unlock to application specific issues that affect patient care.”

Want to become a Computer Engineer like Luka?

Level 5 Information Technology Technical Support Diploma
Level 6 Systems Administration Diploma
Level 7 Cloud Management Diploma