Levi – Datacom

Software Developer, Datacom.

NZ Diploma in Information Systems (Level 5), NZ Diploma in Software Development (Level 6) 


Knowing where he wished his career to go from High School, Levi had been looking at education providers and what they could offer him. Looking around at the larger universities, what he saw didn’t engage him. At least a year before specialising and a heavy focus on theory. He had heard about Techtorium and our practical, skills-based approach, and it was this that  led him to give us a shot.

Levi enjoyed his time at Techtorium, finding what he had heard to be correct. Assignments were based loosely on Agile methodology. He tells us, “I liked how our assignments were week-long things that we did in sprints”. He also enjoyed the breadth of programming skills that were taught, recalling, “My favourite part was probably AI in my second year and learning about Unity as well”. Furthermore, He continues, “It wasn’t all just about writing code, I enjoyed learning how to work in a team and learning Agile methodology as well”.

Looking back at how he found his job, he spoke about the role that Techtorium played, “You recommended me to Datacom, and then set me up with a group interview. That was how I got my foot in the door.” He continues, “We had 15 people going for the same job and then 2 or 3 of them would go through. So Techtorium pretty much set me up with the first interview, but they also set me up with the skills and knowledge to get through the rest of the interview process”.

Levi Software Development Graduate - Techtorium NZIIT

We spoke about the skills from Techtorium that he now uses on the job. He listed several technical skills, including “C#, Razor, HTML, CSS, JavaScript style languages”. Continuing, he recalled, “The one I’ve used the most is probably Agile; they use a lot of Agile there”. It was great to hear about all the skills that he developed with us, that he’s now able to take even further in the industry.

Even better to hear was how much he’s enjoying his time at Datacom, “When I first started working there it was really good because it was right into real, meaningful projects”. He’s enjoying the opportunities to build his skills, sharing, “I have a really great manager who’s really keen to get me involved in a lot more technologies and stuff that’s going to grow my skill set”. It was so good to hear about Levi’s ongoing passion for learning and the way that Datacom has fostered and encouraged it.

Talking about his future plans and any advice that he has for students entering Techtorium now. For 2022 he’s aiming to continue expanding his skill set and continuing to develop with his manager and team, “I’m looking forward to learning heaps of new stuff”. For students starting their journey, his advice was, “I think if you want to have the best shot at getting a job in the future you’ve got to go hard in Techtorium. Even though you might not see anyone watching you, the trainer’s notice and opportunities open up.”

Want to become a Software Developer like Levi?

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