As part of our plan to create clear pathways from secondary school right through to the IT industry, we support the Gateway and STAR Programmes.
Through any one of our ICE, CODE or BIZ short-courses, students may gain credits that go towards their NCEA Level 2 and 3 qualifications.

We have a range of short-courses which provide pathways to our full-time courses:



If you are a STAR or Gateway Teacher and need to know more about how Techtorium can help your school implement robust IT courses, you can contact us by email:  LoveIT @ or call 0800 529 7523

ICT Programme: 1 or 2 days a week


After a very successful pilot of our ICT programme in 2018 this is now being opened to all students in the Auckland metropolitan area.

There are two options, each course is for 30 weeks:
1 Day a week |  Monday or Wednesday
2 Days a week |  Monday and Tuesday, or Tuesday and Wednesday

We know that sometimes students start the school year playing catch-up with credits that can often leave them a little disengaged and disheartened.  We want to support you to keep these students at school, to achieve as much as they can, and to get started early on their IT Industry pathway.  For your students who have a passion for IT the full-year programme can be an ideal solution.


If you are a STAR or Gateway Teacher interested in our ICT Programme, please email: ICTprogramme @ or call 0800 529 7523



We would welcome the opportunity to attend your school Careers Expo this year to talk to your students and their parents/caregivers about opportunities in the IT Industry.



We are happy to arrange one of our “experts” to come and talk with small or large groups at lunchtimes, assemblies or at a time convenient for your students.



Spend a day with us to understand us. We want students to make an informed decision about their tertiary study so we introduced Student for a day.
Here at Techtorium, we see education as the most important life decision you’re going to make in the next 5 years. That’s why we want to give the opportunity to ‘test the waters’.

Following a short-course, students can experience any of our Level 5 Diplomas for a day. Contact us on to book a “Student for a Day’ experience.

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