We are now accepting enrolments on all of the NZQA 2019 Computer Engineering and Software Development Diploma courses. To begin your enrolment, please complete the 5 minute online application process.

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“We recognise our role in meeting the needs of the New Zealands ICT Employers.”

“We focus on linking our academic provision to the skills needs that have been outlined by Employment Partners. Here at Techtorium, we believe we have a responsibility to ensure that our graduates gain both transferable skills and specific qualifications that are matched to the industry and employers. Here are just a few of the companies that we work with:

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Here are few reasons why we are recognised by the NZQA as the highest performing training institute in New Zealand…
Assistance into employment

Here at Techtorium, we've focused on getting grads' jobs. You'll have access to a small team of Employment Pathways Managers who will help put your CV at the top of the list.

99% Course Completion

We have the highest course completion rate measured by the NZQA. What does this mean? Well, the chances of you actually getting to the end of the course are nearly 100%.

nzqa category 1 provider

Every 2 years the NZQA places a measure on how good we are. Since 2011, we’ve been awarded Category 1 status, which means we’re the highest performing provider in NZ.


We’ve worked hard to offer a complete product to our learners, and that’s why we have the best IT / Computer trainers in New Zealand.

Our Industry Reputation

In IT, reputation is everything. Our Employment Partners trust the skills, knowledge, and motivation that comes with every Techtorium graduate.

Innovative Learning Environment

Modern learning initiates critical thinking. It helps the trainers deliver meaningful information across larger groups whilst still maintaining a high quality of understanding.