Ofelia Gali – New Era IT

Techtorium has an impressive success rate of graduates placed into IT roles thanks to our Employment Pathway team and Techtorium’s great relationship with the IT industry.

Ofelia joined Techtorium in 2016 from Kelston Girls College. She completed our Level 5 PC Eng Diploma now called Level 5 New Zealand Diploma in IT Technical Support and she continued her studies with our Level 6 New Zealand Diploma in Systems Administration.

Supported by Techtorium Industry Pathways  team and her trainers, Ofelia was able to gain her first IT job at New Era IT  in 2018 and she is now working as the Systems Administrator at Mt Roskill Grammar School!

Ofelia kindly answered a Techtorium interview to share her views on her journey:

  • How did you first find your interest for computers and decided you wanted to study IT?

I wanted to become like my dad, I am introverted and am perfect happy to fix things, but my dad is a mechanic and I didn’t really enjoy mechanics. I loved playing with computers and learning how they work and how to put them together.

When I first got a laptop, I wondered:

  • How does someone so clever think of making this?
  • How has someone made this work?

So I told myself, if this person is able to make the computers work, why can’t I do it? From there, I decided I wanted to get into an IT course that would help me understand each and every part of a computer and Techtorium was the IT course that opened my eyes to a career in IT.

  • When did you first hear about Techtorium? What made you choose Techtorium?

I first heard about Techtorium when I was still a Highschool student at Kelston Girls College. I chose Techtorium as it is the only course I knew in which many students were successful in landing their dream IT job.

  • Tell us, how was it like to study at Techtorium? How was your first day?

My first day at Techtorium was amazing, you get to know all the staff members and students that you will be working with throughout the year. When I first started, my class was mainly all boys and around 6-10 girls, but studying at Techtorium throughout my time was an amazing experience.

  • What did you learn that definitely helped you getting your IT job? (Technical skills and/or communication skills)

Technical Skills:
Everything that I learned during my time at Techtorium is what I do everyday at New Era It. Yes everything, from Active Directory to Group Policy, from Creating users to setting up PCs and much more. All of these help me get where I landed. Everything is helpful.

Communication Skills:
Before I started at Techtorium, I was not confident with public speaking, I could barely do any form of presenting in-front of the class, but Techtorium pushed me out of my comfort zone. I now realise the importance of communication in every job. What helped me a lot was the presentation every Friday and going out of the class and assisting with a school EXPO. You get to meet new students, teachers and parents. You do not only represent Techtorium but you also represent yourself.

  • What does it mean to you to be work-ready?

To me, being work- ready is gaining the knowledge, the confidence and the experience that is needed for your dream job.

“Work” and “ready” are simple words that should be easy to define yet there is a vexing problem facing today’s graduates. They are lacking basic workplace skills and are unprepared to participate in a meaningful way and creating an immediate impact to help their employers.

You may find that one employer wants their staff to upsell, while another focuses on good customer service to achieve sales. So, if you respond to the latter employer saying that you want to up-sell, this means that you are not familiar with their way of operation and ultimately you may not be successful in securing the position. That’s why Techtorium will be the best option for your IT course. They will give you every aspect of how you become work-ready. You will have an interview one-on-one with one of Employment Pathway manager and you will get support writing your CV and cover letter. Yes they go above and beyond for every student’s future. They want every student to be successful.

  • How was the job interview? Any tips for all the young students out there?

My first Job interview was so easy for me because of  Techtorium. They taught me how to answer all the usual interview questions that I should know and what are questions that I should ask to the interviewer.

My tips for students going into their first interview:
– It’s important to think about how you present yourself at an interview.
– Read the job description
– Think about what interview questions you might be asked.
– Research the Company, because in all my interviews they asked me what I knew about their company.
– Be Ready.

Where I am right now (New Era IT) is a dream come true for me. There is a saying “Experience is one of life’s best teachers, but if you don’t study you will probably never get any experience in the first place”  At Techtorium, the first and most important thing is STUDY and they will give you the experience and what you need to know to make your career in IT come true. Techtorium staff members shaped me, taught me and they gave me the experience that I needed for interviews. All staff members will take their time to chat with you if you need any help.

  • Anything else you would like to add?

If you want to know everything about IT and how it all works then Techtorium is the best place for you. For all the IT students out there and everyone that looks to have a career in IT, I can guarantee you that Techtorium will make your dream of an IT career come true.

Want to become a Computer Engineer like Ofelia?

Level 5 Information Technology Technical Support Diploma
Level 6 Systems Administration Diploma
Level 7 Cloud Management Diploma