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We live in a digitally driven world. Computers play a part in more of our activities than many of us are aware, and more information than ever before is stored digitally. While this means a lot of great things for us such as online shopping, streaming and more, there is a downside too. For all the convenience of it, our online world comes with a host of cybersecurity threats, including malware and phishing to name a few.

In response to this, and as an opportunity to make our students even more employable, we are incredibly proud to announce that we are a Fortinet academy! An industry leader in New Zealand and abroad, Fortinet is already huge and still growing. Industry Pathways Manager Alex noted, “Fortinet is well suited to the NZ market and has a large market share, so it’s great to equip our students with even more skills they’ll use in the future.”. As more of our industry partners use Fortinet solutions for their cybersecurity needs, the opportunities for our students to enter this space will grow and keep growing!

Our Head of Academic Delivery, Johann, spoke to us about about how we will be working it into our assessments and how we teach. He told us, “We have transformed the way we would usually conduct assessments, by incorporating a more streamlined and project-based approach. Due to this change, we can more quickly and easily incorporate a variety of different learnings that are currently required in the industry. It is thanks to this process that we have been able to incorporate Fortinet into our courses to enable the students to further their learnings and to explore the world of cybersecurity.”

Fortinet offers a wide range of knowledge at different skill levels, we would like our students to complete the 3 entry level certificates; NSE 1, NSE 2 and NSE 3. Where they will get the opportunity to explore the several types of Cyber criminals, understand the part they play in Cyber activities to the diverse types of Cyber-attacks that are taking place daily in the world around us.

Becoming a Fortinet partner means we now have access to content, information, videos, and quizzes that allow our students to further enhance their knowledge and skill in cybersecurity. It also provides them with the opportunity to achieve additional industry certification while studying a full-time IT course here at Techtorium. It provides our students with an even better opportunity to successfully get IT jobs after they have completed their studies.

We have only just begun our partnership and already our students are benefiting. Students Joe Ncube and Ahmed Umer al Faris (pictured below) have gained their NSE levels 1, 2 and 3 and have entered roles respectively with NTT and CCL.

Cloud Management Computer Qualification Techtorium

Joe Ncube – Service Desk Analyst at NTT

Cloud Management Computer Qualification Techtorium

Ahmed Umer Al Faris – Desktop Support Technician at CCL


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