Dallas – What’s your why?


Level 6 Software Development student

Dallas knew after finishing school that he wanted to enter tertiary study.  Looking at his options for different universities, he attended open days and spoke to his friends in universities about the experience, none of which sounded like where he wanted to be. “I feel like I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere, the approach seemed like give us your money, we’ll teach, and if you don’t do it then cool, whatever.”. After reviewing the different options that would better suite his learning needs, his research brought him to Techtorium.

Since starting his studies with us and engaging his passions in IT, Dallas has enjoyed learning more about programming. Learning languages such as C# and Visual basic and finding out more about the underlying logic that makes programs and languages work. He told us one of this favourite thing he’s learned “You don’t learn programming by the language, rather you learn about how languages work and from there you can pick up new languages.”.

A highlight during his studies has been the Capstone group projects, where students collaborate with an industry partner to produce a viable product to go to market. This has helped develop the teamwork skills that are necessary for the workforce “I can sometimes rely too much or too little on others, so I’ve been learning to balance it.”. “It’s given me some insight into what it’s really like working on a project with a team, seeing some of the challenges we faced and how we overcame them.”.

Proudly creative and an avid musician, we asked Dallas what it was that drew him to IT. He gave us an interesting look at his perspective telling us “It’s a creative thing.”. “I don’t usually like logic and systems and all that stuff, but it’s somewhere where I can create. It is why game development has always appealed to me because in the end, you get to see your code doing things.”. It has been great to get an insight into this view on coding, seeing the way that our students can embrace it both as a functional and creative outlet.

Dallas mentioned how both students and staff made him feel valued at Techtorium “I’ve lost motivation at times. I did not know if I could keep up with my studies. But I know this is what I want. After talking about it and telling people and being aware, I was given options for help.”. He spoke about how he enjoyed being around likeminded people in an organisation that cares “not just about my education, but about me and what I do including hobbies and everything like that.”.

Upon completion of the Level 6 Software Development course, Dallas has a vision for his future.“I hope to be a part of something that changes the world.” and “I want to work on huge world-changing projects, big things. When you hear in the news about technology, I want my name to be somewhere on that.”. With the drive that Dallas has, and his creativity and desire there is every reason why this could be the case and we are happy to be here for this part of his journey.

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