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Dedicated, friendly and fun, Level 6 Software Development Trainer Arjinder has been preparing his students for the IT industry for the length of his career. Starting his career training IT students to enter the workplace in India and continuing it in New Zealand, his passion for training shows through in his students’ love of learning. With his energy and experience, Arjinder does an amazing job preparing students to enter the IT industry.

Arjinder’s entry into IT came by way of a friend and good fortune. Not knowing that IT could be a viable pathway for him “We had no idea about what IT courses there were or that there were vocational courses available.”. He knew he was interested in IT and what made computer programs tick “I was always wondering what’s happening in the background.”. It was through a chance offer from a friend of a friend’s mother, that he discovered he had a pathway into IT and his journey into the industry would begin.

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After his introduction to IT, Arjinder embarked on a long journey of study, diligently developing the skills that he would later help to foster in his students. During this time, he developed a broad knowledge of computing before specialising in software development. “It was when I did my post-grad study I decided my path, I thought ‘Ok I don’t want to be in hardware I want to study software.’ So that’s why I completed my post graduate study in Software Engineering.”.

Following his studies, Arjinder immediately set to work pursuing his calling and helping others to learn the skills that they would need to succeed. As an intermission in his studies, he took up a role as an assistant lecturer at university before resuming studies to learn more and have more to pass on. He tells us, “We didn’t do ‘Chalk and Talk’”. We were practical, demonstrating and doing things. We focused on interviews, technical questions and skills so in addition to technical skills, we could prepare our students for the interview process”.

In his time at Techtorium, he has taught our Level 5 Information Systems Diploma and is currently the trainer for our Level 6 Software Development Diploma. His training methods line right up with Techtorium’s ethos of preparing students to enter the workplace “If we’re sitting in a class and working on a project, we basically work like  colleagues. When a student needs to come up and ask a question they never hesitate because that’s the environment that we foster here.”. His favourite moments with us have come at graduation ceremonies “Everyone is involved, it’s a celebration day and it looks and feels like a celebration.”.

Arjinder brings so much passion to training and it’s amazing seeing students progress under his instruction, evolving toward being the professional they will one day become. It’s been an amazing ride so far and we can’t wait to see all that’s to come!

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