Techtorium Highlights of 2018

Techtorium Highlights of 2018

It has been an amazing journey for our Techtorium students and staff!

Highlights of 2018


  • Polyfest

Techtorium stand was present at Polyfest and we had an absolute blast watching all wonderful students performing Kapa Haka for their school. Great time to also enjoy the local kai 🙂


  • Launch of Capstone project

Our software students were teamed up in 7 groups, mixing senior and junior students, to present their end of year project using Agile project management methodology. Although this was very challenging for our young students, it was the best professional practice to experience before they get out in the real world of the IT industry.


  • CATE Conference

Techtorium works closely with NZ High Schools and once again, we were delighted to see familiar faces from the secondary education sector!


  • Women in IT

The IT industry is male dominated. We notice it in our campus but also in the IT industry not only in NZ but worldwide. Young girls need to be encouraged to join studies and careers in technology. Their voice needs to be heard and their contribution to the world of tomorrow is essential. We were very honoured to receive inspirational guest speakers such as Edwina Mistry from TechWomen, Mary Aue from Coconut Wireless, Maryam and Zohreh Dorbojeh presenting their latest research in AI.

A big thank you to our IT trainers Danielle and Azam for animating workshops and to all our Techtorium students for helping out.


  • Graduates Lunch!

And to close off the year, we celebrated all our 2018 graduates 🙂
We were extremely honoured and humbled by a Haka performed by Techtorium students. We were inspired by a speech from our graduate anKarl from Level 7 Cloud Management. Very entertained by Cook Island drummers and dancers. Overall we all had a jolly good time to finish 2018 with a BANG!


We wish you all a very good holiday and best wishes for the new year!