Welcome to “Enrol your friend”

Once again we’re introducing the ‘Enrol Your Friend’ programme designed specifically for past and present Techtorium students, to help them earn $450 towards equipment from PB Tech’. We want you to help your friends and family make the right career choice and help them enrol at Techtorium for our next intake.

$450 can get you a Playstation 4, Go Pro Hero5 or any other Equipment you want!

How to Register an Enrol Your Friend?

What YOU need to do: You will need to complete the form below and get your friend or family member to enrol online. We’ll take it from there!

What your FRIEND/s needs to do: They’ll need to go to www.techtorium.ac.nz/online-application/ and complete the Online Application form. At the question “How did you first find Techtorium?” they should tick “friend”

What is a successful enrolment? (READ CAREFULLY)

  • If you register 1 friend via the ‘Online Registration Form’ (below) and that registration leads to a full-time enrolment at Techtorium. Once your friend’s Public Trust funds have been cleared then you will qualify for the $450.00 Enrol Your Friend package.
  • Once Poonam confirms that your friend’s funds are cleared, you can get in touch with Allen Jiang to arrange what you would like to purchase from PB Tech. If the total value exceeds the amount from your reward, you will need to pay the difference…or try to enrol more friends!
  • You receive $450 voucher PER FRIEND enrolled, so 1 friend = $450, 2 friends = $900 etc.
  • You can not claim to have enrolled a friend after they already started the course. Filling out this form prior to your friend’s application is what qualifies you for the reward.

When it starts/finishes…

This campaign is available all year and even after you graduate!


The prize consists of $450 towards Tech gifts from PB Tech. Think of a PS4 500Gb and/or a LG32″ LED TV and/or a iPad 2 Mini 32Gb and/or a Huawei P9 Lite…etc

1 prize per successful enrolment so the more friends you get, the more cash towards prizes you get!!

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The Rules…

  1. Incentives are only available to current or past Techtorium Students.
  2. Applications for all levels: Level 5 NZ Diploma in IT Technical Support, Level 6 NZ Diploma in System Administration, Level 7 Diploma in Cloud Management or Level 6 NZ Diploma in Software Development
  3. The ‘FRIEND’ must be NEW to Techtorium .i.e. have not studied here in the past
  4. There is NO limit to the number of registrations/successful enrolments.
  5. 1 x Enrolment = 1 x ‘$450’ | 2 x Enrolments = ‘$900’ | 10 x Enrolments = ‘$4500’ etc.
  6. Any outstanding fees owed to Techtorium, will be paid with your prize value. i.e If you have $200 outstanding in courses fees, you will have $250 available for a prize.
  7. ‘Referrers’ and ‘Registered Friends’ must complete ‘online register form’ to be eligible. Tell your friend to NAME YOU in their enrollment form.
  8. All giveaways are subject to Sam Hutchinson’s approval.
Enrol your Friend

Part 1: Your FRIENDS Details

Part 2: YOUR Details